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Ok, finally got around to the rest of the setup on Sunday evening. Apartment was too hot to really want to do anything with it prior to that...

Set myself up a Nintendo Account and got the Switch online via wired connection. The ethernet/usb dongle I bought a few years back (originally for use with the Wii but never used it) worked fine for the most part.

After the setup, I checked the store and bought Blaster Master Zero. I also bought, despite myself, one of the extra character DLCs for it - Shantae. Shantae in Blaster Master. Yeah, I know. :p

Of the other 90 odd games in the store so far (not bad for 5 months I guess) I didn't feel the need to get any of them thus far. Might change my mind if they hit a sale, but we'll see.

One thing I had an issue with however is the Switch suddenly failing to detect the internet once. This happened after I bought and downloaded Blaster Master Zero, then figured the next thing to do was to install the micro-SD card (128GB). I knew this card would require a quick patch downloaded for the Switch to use it so I took the Switch out of the dock and inserted the card. It immediately told me it needed to get the patch, so I put it back on the dock to get it. (With a wired connection the Switch needs to be docked.)

And it failed to find the internet connection.

I did some searching and found that this might be on connection with a bug people were reporting months ago about the Switch losing wifi. To get it working again you basically had to completely shut off the Switch and restart it. ie: don't just go into sleep mode.

I tried doing that with the wired connection, and it worked. It got the patch (I swear it was just changing a variable from N to Y with how fast it went. ;) and recognized the new space. It should be enough space to do me for the life of the Switch. I plan on buying physical most of the time where possible anyway as usual.

Next week's game night will most definitely be Blaster Master Zero though.
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So. Picked up the Switch yesterday on the way to work. Not sure if I'll get around to playing it much this weekend but the plan will be to at least get it set up properly. I heard you can use ethernet cords to wire up the Switch in docked mode, so if that works I might browse through their eshop. I was considering getting Blaster Master Zero or whatever it's called as well as potentially one or two other games.

I don't plan on being too generous on the switch digitally, but I figger I'll at least get a handful of games.

Right now the physically unlicked cartridges I have for it include Breath of the Wild, Cave Story+, and Puyo Puyo Tetris.

While I don't have them yet, I also plan on getting Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, and Arms. I'll probably get those one per paycheck or something in the future.

As for other games on the system, I'm not sure yet. There are some I'm kinda interested in, but then there are others that I'd normally get but I suspect they're loaded down with DLC whoring options. (Since they're on other systems already and that's what they're like on those systems!)

Either way, it looks like the next game night will end up being Breath of the Wild. I have 2 of the 4 amiibos that were released for that game. Zelda and Archer Link. Looks like I was wise to buy the Zelda amiibo when I did since that was the first of the lot to dry up quick.

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