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The disadvantage of cataloging your video game collection with a site like Backloggery is that it catalogs your video game collection. That is to say it makes it easy, with a single glance, to see how freaking large your collection is becoming.

I find daily solace in that most of the guys on Atari Age have game collections that make mine look tiny. Heck, some of them make Kane's collection look tiny.

But the other problem with this is that the desire to have nice even numbers start to kick in. Right now I'm at 398. The temptation to get two more games is ever so strong. >_>

And that's why I've already technically bought some! But they're with a person through Atari Age so it'll be arriving in the mail later next month. ;)


Feb. 7th, 2010 06:16 pm
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Yes, in an effort to stay awake I am updating the backloggery listing. As predicted, the Unfinished meter ran up so fast I apologize if anyone got whiplash watching it.


And I think I'm tapped out for the night, or at least for now. Still a lot to add - barely touched the more retro stuff and there's still more PS2 and GC to add. I guess this shows how much gaming I still have to do. ;) I better get Ar Tonelico cleared out this week!

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