May. 21st, 2017

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I've already completed the main game. I spent last night mostly just trying to do sidequests and trying to figure everything out. Still a lot of quests to unlock apparently, although I made a lot of progress.

But later today I'm going to do just one more jab at the A2/9S battle, or maybe two, to get endings D and E unlocked. Apparently there's 26 endings. Most are likely just quick bad ones like G. I unlocked the K ending last night by eating the mackerel fish thingy Jackass gives your character to see how the oily fish reacts when eaten by an android.

In short, it kills you. But oh does it taste good, are apparently 2B's last thoughts. ^_^

So anyway, I'm just about done with the game. I -was- going to keep at it and unlock everything, but I did some searching online and verified that those locked elevator doors with the self-destructing guards are in fact ties to the recently released DLC. IE: In-game advertisements, eternally reminding you of what your $79.99+tax didn't buy you.

I won't be buying any more Square Enix games for a while as a result of this, so it's probably a lucky thing for them that I already have Final Fantasy XV purchased.

I did the same to NIS America when they released the original Hyperdimension Neptunia game and had some of the DLC characters join the game and be in the party - but refuse to participate in battle until the couple dollars were paid. If it's DLC, fucking leave it out of the game completely. It probably wouldn't have been nearly as annoying if NIS didn't try spinning it as "Creative advertising." like it was a GOOD thing.

So yeah I'll be done with this game after doing a little more exploration to satisfy any curiosity I still have. I'll probably go quickly level to 99 with a trick in the FAQ I read (some monster that can net lots of xp via quickly hacking it with 9S - which infinitely respawns) then attempt to unlock the secret boss Emil.

If/when I do a review for the game, it'll probably still get a decent score overall, but the "creative advertising" will be earning it a deduction.

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