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In fact I'm sure I called it years ago.

This is just insane. $260 dollars of DLC. The game isn't even released yet (Although will be this week or next or something I think.)

Some people have mentioned that you need to buy some of that DLC just to complete a tour/season in the game.

For a golf game, the tour season is basically akin to "story mode". So essentially the ending has been gutted from the game to be sold back to you separately. Again, this is assuming what people are saying is true.

Regardless. $260 dollars of DLC for what will be a 60 dollar GOLF GAME. To get the full game, you have to pay 320 dollars. (plus tax where applicable.)

And people wonder why I seem to have all the patience in the world with buying into the current generation consoles.

I'm getting flashbacks to this already. We're not there yet, but we're well on our way!
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You know one of those main excuses at gamestop for gutting the new games is so that they can put them out on the display racks (That they really should have cases instead if they're that paranoid of theft)

And that you'll go in there and see like a fucking ROW of a new release all gutted. Every single copy. With one particular game a few years back I remember over a dozen copies of the game on the racks, and not a single sealed copy.

Anyhow, since they usually have the latest hyped shit in the display case behind the counter I rarely have a reason to look at it. Yesterday I glanced up at it and do you know what I saw?


Yes. And of the exact same games they have on the shelving racks out in the actual store area. They claim they don't have space in the back or in the display case which is why they gut the games to put on the shelves, yet they're wasting a LOT of room gutting limited edition copies of games instead of putting THOSE in the damned display case in preference of those stupid empty display cases.

Yeah, there's no mercy any more on this gutted issue with them.

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