Mar. 15th, 2011 10:39 am
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The non-functioning external drive that seems to have borked in the fall on Sunday had a lot of stuff on it that I'm going to have to recollect where possible. For instance, it was where I was keeping the Freebie Music Archive I was building up. For those who don't remember, the FMA was an attempt to collect all the free LEGAL music available on the internet. I guess there is technically some gray area in there given I had downloaded the Overclocked-Remix torrents and added those to the list as well. I figure those were fine since the video game industry by and large appears to be in favor of what the site does. Well, they don't attack it like paranoid assholes at any rate.

Anyhow, excluding the several gigabytes that were in that torrent, the last time I checked the folder, it was containing around 5 gigs of music. Music I must recollect if I fail to get that external working again. (I may attempt taking the drive apart as a last resort at some point to regain the material if it is just the connector that's busted.)


Mar. 3rd, 2011 05:46 am
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I like it. That is all.
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Since 2008 is over, I might as well give the general result of the search for free (legal) music on the interwebs over the year. I had planned on trying to get enough to fill an 80gig ipod just for giggles. In actual fact, I didn't search for music very often due to being distracted by this or that all the time. Final tallies tho bring the result up to approximately 12 gigs downloaded from various indy bands, group projects. About half of that was from the majorly large torrents on OC Remix which I think was about 6 gigs overall at the time. I was just starting to go through a few new group sites that had a huge amount of music available but only have a couple gigs downloaded from it so far.

I wouldn't doubt that 80 gigs is a doable target if I actually looked regularly, and this is without downloading the free mp3s on yahoo which require signup etc. ;)
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Remember that lofty goal I had of downloading 80gigs of free, and legal, music over the internetz in 2008? Well... I haven't really been looking too hard. >.>; It's over 10gigs with the addition of overclocked remix torrents but otherwise I've only really sat down and looked for free music a couple of weekends this year. ^_^;

I recently found Jamendo however. In the last hour I downloaded about a gig of music. I'll continue the downloading and listening after I get home from work. If there's really as much unique content on that site as claimed, there should easily be enough to meet my quota. ^_- And even if not there's still the Audio Archive to help pad things up.

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