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Apr. 22nd, 2017 05:23 pm
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So I mentioned in comments on Kane's journal that I would be boycotting Persona 5 over their anti-streamer stance. I'm pretty sure 100% of the blame for the restrictions can be rested solely on the shoulders of the original Japanese devs/publishers mind you (Atlas apparently doesn't do this for any of their other games to date iirc.) but that's besides the point.

I was wondering how ironclad my decision was, as it's not like I have any plans on doing any streaming of the game. I've seen the game in stores already and didn't have the urge to buy it.

Then yesterday as I was going around I saw a more attractive physical edition copy. One of those metallic cases that some games end up receiving. I'm generally pretty weak with resisting them unless they cost twice as much (Final Fantasy XV) or are for a series I have -absolutely- no interest in (Most FPSers - that being said I DID buy Doom 3 on the original xbox purely because of the case. ;)

I had the money to buy Persona 5. The case was making me consider it. It all came down to what I felt about Atlus being dicks to the fans. (Sorry, but sticking your nose into a lost cause with the streaming guidelines/threats is very dickish.)

And so I still don't own Persona 5.

Let me state indisputably: The streaming limitations Atlas put forth has cost them an early, full price (79.99 in my case) sale.

I own just about every other game in the Persona series in one form or another, despite only really playing Persona 3 through completely. There's no reason for anyone to say "Oh you'd never have gotten this anyway!"

Will Atlus ever notice this? No, of course not. But with any boycotting decision I put on myself, the point is that *I* notice it. And I notice I have 80 dollars + tax to spend on other things. And I will get along just fine without experiencing the game.

IF I ever pick up Persona 5, it will probably be a digital only copy that's been in a flash sale for 10 dollars. Or a used physical copy that's under 20. I may not change my mind on this at this point even if Atlus does a 180 on their guidelines. But due to this, I may never buy another Atlus game unless I see them explicitly state that they won't be going after streamers/reviewers/etc that don't follow a strict set of rules.

Thanks Atlus.
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I've had Plus membership on the PS3 (well, all of Sony's platforms, given it's shared nature, but primarily used via PS3) for years. Many years. I'd have to admit I spent far more money buying games digitally than I ever planned. I was going to spend about 40 bucks to "customize" the PS3 as it were the same way I did to the 360.

On the 360, I spent 40 bucks. And that's it. Didn't have even the slightest urge to go over it.

On the PS3, I admit I did go over. By several (several) hundred dollars. I'd like to say I got my money's worth since virtually everything I bought was bought on a drastic sale. There's also a load of free rentals. I call them rentals because you can only play them while you retain the Plus membership.

And that ran out for me. Over 6 weeks ago.

Pretty drastic change for me isn't it? To someone who would check the store every single week for deals, even if there was nothing I particularly wanted. To... apparently someone who barely turns the PS3 on, let alone check the online shop.

What exactly caused this change? I think I can safely thank Sega and Sony from last year's bumbled DLC rollout for Project Diva F 2nd.

So looking back over the last year, has my boycott been all talk or did it have teeth? Thus far, it most certainly had teeth. I completely passed over Project Diva Mirai on the 3ds, which under normal circumstances would have been a Day 1 purchase even without having a console/handheld to play it on. (Only recently picked up a 3ds.) There was another potential game purchase I was going to pick up a month ago. I was half way to bringing it to the cash when I noticed Sega's logo on the front. I sighed and put the game back. Pretty sure I haven't bought any Sega game since starting the boycott either - although if it was a cheap second hand title I potentially would have not cared. Even then I don't think I've aquired any new Sega games.

And... I'm not missing it. I have to admit there's a potential chance that I'll pick up the PS4 Project Diva game depending on how it's done - assuming it's released in NA. (I played the japanese version at the anime convention.) But that'll naturally assume I'll buy a PS4. Right now it'll depend on the VR situation on the PS4 later on.

One thing I can safely say however, is that I won't be buying any Plus membership again (actually not 100% true.) on the PS3 or PS4. And I'm pretty sure I'll be able to keep a handle on any digital purchases this time around.

Regarding the above bracketed comment, I -might- purchase one last 3 month prepaid Plus card for the PS3. Mainly to clear up one question that's been nagging me for years that I've never been able to get a straight answer for. If my Plus lapsed but I renewed it later, would the Free games from before the lapse become playable again. I could never bring myself to let it lapse to test this out. But since I apparently don't give a fuck about it anymore (as shown by it taking me 6 weeks to even realize it had lapsed - pronounced more so since the Plus membership would cause my PS3 to wake up every morning between 4-6am to do updates/backups if I had played it the day before.) I might as well test it out and get some closure on the subject.

So um. Fuck you Sega. :)

We'll see if I say the same thing to Sony after we see the final costs/situation with their VR setup when it's released. Giving it a 50/50 chance I'll be saying the same, as I have absolutely no love for the new look of their PS4 Slim model. They better hope their Scorpio model or whatever it's called will be worth it's price tag.
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Ok, so SEVEN weeks after the issue began, the bugged batch DLCs for Project Diva F 2nd have finally been fixed. You have to redownload them for it to take effect of course. Specifically, if you have the Vita version of a batch, you'd have to go to the PS3 page for the game and re-download the batch from there. It will say "Free" instead of "$9.99" or "5.99" (depending on the batch involved)

It will still make you download both PS3 and Vita versions again however. Just as well since it'll probably be needed to add it to your download list on the PS3/Vita.

Boycott is still going forward however. 7 weeks is just unacceptable to me and beyond this game series there hasn't been any must have games out of Sega for years anyway. But no more DLC purchases for this game for me (Note: If the Song Club goes on sale for 5 bucks I'll pick it up, but the thing with DLC is that it rarely rarely ever goes on sale. Seriously, if it's at $5.01 I probably wouldn't buy it.) I had some left over money on my account still (like 4-5 bucks) and the temptation to buy any DLC for the game just wasn't there. I think it's safe to say I'm done with handing Sega money.

We'll see where we stand when they bring out the Project Diva Arcade. Right now I seriously want nothing to do with it, especially if it ends up as a clusterfuck of DLC like this game did. I will definitely not be buying multiple versions of the game like I have for the first two. I'll hold off on absolute final judgement for when it's actually released but right now the odds are not in it's favor.
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Just an update on the situation, more to vent than anything else.

Short Story: Absolutely no change.

It's been 5 weeks now, and Sega/Sony are still failing to deliver on what they promised after taking the $9.99. They're probably lucky that their fuck up at the very least let me download the Vita version of the DLC, even if there's no way to redownload it now since it won't let me from the PS3's download list and they've now removed the DLC pack in question from the store itself.

I sent an email to Sony Support once a week asking for an update and I kept getting no response after the first automated email.

So last week I said to hell with trying to reply to that particular ticket and sent a completely new (but mostly copied from the original) email which forced their system to open a new ticket. After a day or so I got a reply from someone there on the new ticket - which was the standard copypasta response a person would expect "thanks for emailing. we're looking into it. we'll let you know". in other words "blah blah blah lip service lip service"

They did finally fix a different DLC issue with the game, with two modules not showing up for free for the people that shelled out 70 dollars to buy the club pack. Took them 4 weeks to fix that - since that issue iirc started the week AFTER the suimsuit pack issue. But apparently people have to use the search option to even find those modules now since they're currently not listing with the game properly. Can't make it simple after all.

Yeah, I'm pretty much done with Sega now whether they fix this issue or not. It's simply inexcusable.

You know what the fun thing is? This means Sega's incompetence (which is likely augmented by Sony's incompetence anyway) is going to cost Sony a lot of money out of me. In order for me to jump up to the PS4 Sony needs to have several must-buy titles that are exclusive to it. Currently there's NOTHING I want on the system and I doubt JRPGs are going to woo me to it since I've already boycotted most of the companies that release them due to DLC whoring. Sega's apparently planning on releasing the next Project Diva game on the PS4 - which is just a home console port of the arcade game. (So we can expect them to half ass game development again this time by just converting the game itself, then expecting players to shell out another 100 bucks for a few bonus songs and modules like they did this game.)

Sega Boycott -> Not buying Project Diva Arcade -> One less Must Have Game on the PS4 (Which is otherwise still only at "1", assuming the arcade game is ported to PS4 - haven't seen confirmation yet)-> Not likely getting a PS4 at all, which means also not buying any other less-than-must-have title on the system that I'd only consider buying if I already had the system bought.

I bought a PS3 originally due to wanting to play Ar Tonelico 3. That was the Must Have game on that platform for me. And it failed to impress in so many ways I've still yet to make it even half way through the game. The project diva games actually saved the system for me, making it feel like I DIDN'T waste a few hundred bucks on an otherwise pointless console at the time. That's not going to be there for the PS4, and I can't think of a single game or genre of games that can fill the shoes.

Sony's going to lose a lot more of my cash than Sega ever could. They won't notice it, but I will. $_$

And no, this doesn't increase the chances of me getting a Xbone. That still sits firmly at 0%.

It DOES however slightly increase the odds for a Wii U next year. I can't say I agree with a lot of things with the Wii U, but it does have games I'm interested in playing at some point. That's something the other current gen systems can't boast about.


Also, unrelated to the above, but it's seriously fucked up that the best way to access the PlayStation Store is through any means OTHER than Sony's own hardware. If you try accessing it from the PS3, there's an extremely high chance it'll kick you out/crash before you can actually purchase anything. It's why people tell you to buy things from the playstation store's website instead then download it via your system in the download history. Laughable really.
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You know those funky copyright disclaimers they plaster on CDs? (And movies and games actually) If you haven't been reading them, perhaps you should start. But only if you have a strong stomach.

These are the disclaimers that basically say "All rights are reserved. You may not rent, copy, etc etc, the contents."

A couple CDs I saw recently had a new (to me) outrageous claim.

No lending.

Let me repeat that.

No lending.

That's right. According to them you are not even allowed to lend your legally purchased CD to a friend to listen to. I honestly don't think that is even enforceable in law. Seriously. How would they? Ask for a fucking proof of purchase? There is NO COPY being created by lending it to someone. Copyright is not being infringed.

As such, since this leaves a foul taste in my mouth, regardless of if it's RIAA or not, I'm going to add any CD that includes this little "clause" to the boycott.

First victims of the new boycott regulation are: (Assuming they aren't RIAA to begin with, the RIAA Radar website seems broken so I can't even verify right now.)

Kamelot - their latest CD. This is where I first saw it.
Edguy's latest Live triple CD pack.

A shame really, but I won't miss them. To the bands that get affected by this and agree that this kind of condition is stupid (Yes, I know full well you won't even notice the lost sale.) then blame your music labels for the lost sale, and potentially lost fan. If you agree with that stupid clause, blame yourself.

I think I'll go download some more creative commons music and unwind.
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I heard a new song on the radio on the way home tonight. It was by Three Days Grace, "Break". It sounded awesome, but alas they're with labels that are on the other side of my boycott line. What to do?

There are many reasons for the boycott. Putting aside the bullshittery the RIAA does that make me hate them I'm damned tired of picking up CDs from those labels because of a song I heard on the radio expecting the CD to be just as awesome - and find that the songs on the radio are the ONLY songs really worth listening to on the entire CD. And then a month or so later even THOSE songs grind on my nerves because YOU HEAR THEM ON THE RADIO ALMOST EVERY FREAKING HOUR FOR A FEW YEARS.

But that's a rant about the radio stations, which I'll save for later.

Back to 3DG, even with the boycott in place, there are a couple of bands that are on the auto-buy list regardless of said boycott. They've proven themselves to me with their past work and so long as the quality stays up there I'm willing to continue buying their CDs.

That auto-buy list has 3 bands on it at this point with the recent scratching off of Stratovarius from the list. (Their last CD was good, but not The Awesome - if they release with a non RIAA label however, I will consider picking their next one up.)

Those 3 bands are:

1. Disturbed
2. Sonata Arctica
3. Blind Guardian

Only Disturbed, so far, releases with a RIAA label.

Here's the catch. When a band gets scratched off the list, they can't get back on it without proving themselves with the next CD. But how can they prove it if they're not on the auto-buy list? They need to prove it with either legal and free mp3s of full songs that I can listen to. (Yeah we know the odds of the RIAA doing THAT.) or the majority of the CD being streamable in full. Meaning full songs can be previewed - NOT just the one or two tracks we're going to hear on the radio. 30 second clips are no good. They're laughable at best given you can't gauge whether the song is any good or not with just that.

And the problem is, Three Days Grace is ONLY streaming one song on their website right now in it's entirety. That song is, predictably enough, "Break" which is on the radio. All of the other tracks can also be previewed sure enough. At least the first 30 seconds of each song. One clip ended just as the first syllable of the lyrics was starting. :P

And so, with no legal means to test the quality of their new CD their CD can remain in the local HMV. I refuse to go hunting down the tracks from more "shady" sources, even if it's quite possible the entire CD can be tracked down on youtube in one form or another. And I absolutely refuse to purchase a CD because I liked a song on the radio ever again. (Got burned with that way too many times in the pre-boycott years when I was buying CDs every payday.)

But the RIAA's loss of my revenue is the game industry's gain. I've been buying so many games these last few years I have at least 15 still factory sealed because I haven't gotten around to playing them yet! :)

*edits and addition*

Mind you, the game purchases have gone down recently as well as the last gen winds down. I haven't dived into the current gen consoles yet due to price and various other issues - which is yet another rant for another day ^_- but that'll probably change by next year if the console prices make one final dip below the magic $200 dollar mark.

To get me on those ships Microsoft has to finally present a sufficiently reliable version of their hardware that doesn't RROD.

Sony has to get Ar Tonelico 3 released in North America on physical discs and drop the price of the PS3 a bit further.


Nintendo has to produce a few more games I'm interested in. There are several, but not quite enough just yet. I had a taste of Mario Kart Wii over the holidays and it was kinda cool. Of course I've liked the Mario Kart series since the SNES.

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