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So my vacation starts this weekend! I did have travel plans but they're cancelled due to various circumstances. So instead I'm going to have to make the best of it by trying to spend that time getting some stuff done and organized.

I'll be playing some games obviously.

I'll be working on the minecraft server to try to get that finally set up for a test run. I'll probably try playing it as a player for a while as well to see how lag feels and to make sure the ranks are working among other things. If anyone from pseudo wants to play around with it as well when I reach that point, let me know and I'll msg you the details.

Next I plan to do some serious reorganizing around the apartment. And one of those things will be to get some bookshelves that I so desperately need. >_>

After that, I plan on spending some time coding games, planning games, reading manga, etc. May try to get into the habit of doing the old crap art webcomic again if only to get myself use to a schedule for the website. -_-

I may start doing my own video game reviews for the games I play from my collection to add to the website. Since I'm the one that's going to be doing the reviews, expect them to suck. :P But I'll at least try to make sure I spellcheck'em. ;) The first one I'm likely to review will probably be Fairy Fencer F. The current jrpg game I'm playing through. I like it thus far although there are some tropes happening that really piss me off.
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In the interest of being productive, I'll eventually be adding a second list to my website to go with the Game Complete list. A Project Complete list. Essentially a checklist of things I've completed, probably with a top entry to that list that shows what project is currently in progress. The reason for doing this is because I've noticed that the game complete list is helping me stay focused on just a couple games at a time (Generally one on the home consoles and one on the handhelds). As a result I actually play those games to completion.

Since I typically have up to 10+ projects on the go at any particular time, I end up getting next to nothing done on any of them. I spend more time trying to remember what I was last doing with a project than adding to it. Doing this list might help me focus.

For now, I'm just going to try keeping this info in a text file just to have it recorded. Projects may be large or small but they will have a definite description of what the goal of the project is.

We'll see how this goes. The first project on the list is to finish up the area I've had on the Aardwolf builders port for the last decade. The majority of it's finished, and has been for most of the decade. The goal is the main thing remaining then some balancing and tweaking and extra descriptions where necessary.
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I had plans for revamping the Malgorian Dimension earlier in the year with php to make it easily updatable. just upload a few files and poof! the php will sort everything out on it's own. The earlier plans called for a complete revamp of the site but the layout of the site was getting hard to actually impliment.

So, I'm probably going to go over the older designs I have written up and see about converting the data portions to work with what's already on the site. Fairly easy and fairly simplistic.. I think. The site will end up eventually being a creative outlet for me. When I draw new comics or art, I'll post it there, if I write games, I'll post them there, if I actually start trying to do something with music (I've been tempted to dabble in console generated music on the 7800 - using a pokey-enabled cartridge for instance) then I'll post it there as well. Additionally any stories I'll write, including OW! related stuff, I'll add to it. How it'll end up, I'm not sure. The attempt might just fizzle again.

Another part that I'll be adding will be a "Games Completed" listing. I'll basically keep track of all the games I complete there on the main page. From there, if the php part gets done, I'll likely add review pages and the like. (I've filled Kane in on some of the planned ideas for it already. If I actually start making progress on it, I'll go into more detail here as well. ^^)

For current games, it's fairly easy to add most any game ot the list. as almost everything can be completed. I will however want to add favorites and the like from older consoles that aren't always completable. (most atari 2600 games for instance!) Oh well. Something to work on now that I've finished up most of the work with the Diamond Reach lua conversion I mentioned a few months back. Still got to finish the other area I have for Aardwolf on builders port, and I'll be working more on that, but I'll have some time for a while to dabble with php and the new website design's functionality/layout.

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