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Ok, so SEVEN weeks after the issue began, the bugged batch DLCs for Project Diva F 2nd have finally been fixed. You have to redownload them for it to take effect of course. Specifically, if you have the Vita version of a batch, you'd have to go to the PS3 page for the game and re-download the batch from there. It will say "Free" instead of "$9.99" or "5.99" (depending on the batch involved)

It will still make you download both PS3 and Vita versions again however. Just as well since it'll probably be needed to add it to your download list on the PS3/Vita.

Boycott is still going forward however. 7 weeks is just unacceptable to me and beyond this game series there hasn't been any must have games out of Sega for years anyway. But no more DLC purchases for this game for me (Note: If the Song Club goes on sale for 5 bucks I'll pick it up, but the thing with DLC is that it rarely rarely ever goes on sale. Seriously, if it's at $5.01 I probably wouldn't buy it.) I had some left over money on my account still (like 4-5 bucks) and the temptation to buy any DLC for the game just wasn't there. I think it's safe to say I'm done with handing Sega money.

We'll see where we stand when they bring out the Project Diva Arcade. Right now I seriously want nothing to do with it, especially if it ends up as a clusterfuck of DLC like this game did. I will definitely not be buying multiple versions of the game like I have for the first two. I'll hold off on absolute final judgement for when it's actually released but right now the odds are not in it's favor.
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Just an update on the situation, more to vent than anything else.

Short Story: Absolutely no change.

It's been 5 weeks now, and Sega/Sony are still failing to deliver on what they promised after taking the $9.99. They're probably lucky that their fuck up at the very least let me download the Vita version of the DLC, even if there's no way to redownload it now since it won't let me from the PS3's download list and they've now removed the DLC pack in question from the store itself.

I sent an email to Sony Support once a week asking for an update and I kept getting no response after the first automated email.

So last week I said to hell with trying to reply to that particular ticket and sent a completely new (but mostly copied from the original) email which forced their system to open a new ticket. After a day or so I got a reply from someone there on the new ticket - which was the standard copypasta response a person would expect "thanks for emailing. we're looking into it. we'll let you know". in other words "blah blah blah lip service lip service"

They did finally fix a different DLC issue with the game, with two modules not showing up for free for the people that shelled out 70 dollars to buy the club pack. Took them 4 weeks to fix that - since that issue iirc started the week AFTER the suimsuit pack issue. But apparently people have to use the search option to even find those modules now since they're currently not listing with the game properly. Can't make it simple after all.

Yeah, I'm pretty much done with Sega now whether they fix this issue or not. It's simply inexcusable.

You know what the fun thing is? This means Sega's incompetence (which is likely augmented by Sony's incompetence anyway) is going to cost Sony a lot of money out of me. In order for me to jump up to the PS4 Sony needs to have several must-buy titles that are exclusive to it. Currently there's NOTHING I want on the system and I doubt JRPGs are going to woo me to it since I've already boycotted most of the companies that release them due to DLC whoring. Sega's apparently planning on releasing the next Project Diva game on the PS4 - which is just a home console port of the arcade game. (So we can expect them to half ass game development again this time by just converting the game itself, then expecting players to shell out another 100 bucks for a few bonus songs and modules like they did this game.)

Sega Boycott -> Not buying Project Diva Arcade -> One less Must Have Game on the PS4 (Which is otherwise still only at "1", assuming the arcade game is ported to PS4 - haven't seen confirmation yet)-> Not likely getting a PS4 at all, which means also not buying any other less-than-must-have title on the system that I'd only consider buying if I already had the system bought.

I bought a PS3 originally due to wanting to play Ar Tonelico 3. That was the Must Have game on that platform for me. And it failed to impress in so many ways I've still yet to make it even half way through the game. The project diva games actually saved the system for me, making it feel like I DIDN'T waste a few hundred bucks on an otherwise pointless console at the time. That's not going to be there for the PS4, and I can't think of a single game or genre of games that can fill the shoes.

Sony's going to lose a lot more of my cash than Sega ever could. They won't notice it, but I will. $_$

And no, this doesn't increase the chances of me getting a Xbone. That still sits firmly at 0%.

It DOES however slightly increase the odds for a Wii U next year. I can't say I agree with a lot of things with the Wii U, but it does have games I'm interested in playing at some point. That's something the other current gen systems can't boast about.


Also, unrelated to the above, but it's seriously fucked up that the best way to access the PlayStation Store is through any means OTHER than Sony's own hardware. If you try accessing it from the PS3, there's an extremely high chance it'll kick you out/crash before you can actually purchase anything. It's why people tell you to buy things from the playstation store's website instead then download it via your system in the download history. Laughable really.
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Ok, it's been over 3 weeks now and the DLC issues for the Hatsune Miku game are still not fixed for the NA store. Personally they won't even grace me with a reply to my emails, although apparently they're replying to some other people - although all they're telling them is that there's no update and not even an ETA for when they expect the issue to be resolved.

I've been fuming enough as it is at the excessive DLC whoring Sega's put into this game to begin with, so the fact that they have so much DLC that they can't even get the damned shit released properly is just the straw that breaks the camel's back.

No more. Not any game whatsoever. I don't even give a shit if there's no DLC released on the game or if Sega's CEO swears to me in person that the game will never have DLC added to it. I'm not purchasing another game by Sega. The level of this personal boycott is at the level of Sony Music Boycott. They could try to PAY me to take their games and I'll chuck it back at them. I'll probably still keep the money but yeah, their games will be tossed back at their feet!

What does this mean to Sega? It does mean that they'll be losing money. Will they notice? No. They'll just assume there's an extra pirate out there or something rather than them losing a paying customer over their bullshit.

What does this mean to me? I get to keep a few extra hundred dollars a year for other things! Will -I- notice? Fuck yeah.

And that's all that matters to me.


In other news, my own game is moving along nicely. :p

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