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In the interest of being productive, I'll eventually be adding a second list to my website to go with the Game Complete list. A Project Complete list. Essentially a checklist of things I've completed, probably with a top entry to that list that shows what project is currently in progress. The reason for doing this is because I've noticed that the game complete list is helping me stay focused on just a couple games at a time (Generally one on the home consoles and one on the handhelds). As a result I actually play those games to completion.

Since I typically have up to 10+ projects on the go at any particular time, I end up getting next to nothing done on any of them. I spend more time trying to remember what I was last doing with a project than adding to it. Doing this list might help me focus.

For now, I'm just going to try keeping this info in a text file just to have it recorded. Projects may be large or small but they will have a definite description of what the goal of the project is.

We'll see how this goes. The first project on the list is to finish up the area I've had on the Aardwolf builders port for the last decade. The majority of it's finished, and has been for most of the decade. The goal is the main thing remaining then some balancing and tweaking and extra descriptions where necessary.
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Yep. Overtime week. on average lately it's been almost 10hr shifts. (but not -quite- 10hrs)

Oh well, I'll be needing the extra money since something's screwed up with one of my teeth. I made an appointment on monday to see the dentist, although that isn't til the end of september. Got plenty of money saved for it at this point already, but every bit helps, especially since this money was originally planned for my short vacation in january. Fun times, fun times.

Also, I'm nearing completion of the lua rewrite of my area on Aardwolf. Got one last major lua script to write then I run through the entire thing to do a few tweaks that I know need tweaking, and then it'll be opened to the testers to see if they can make it break. :) Shouldn't be breakable, but I know there will be things I didn't consider. Hopefully it'll be done and ready for testers by saturday morning.

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