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So since I like anime based games now and then, I picked up Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception today when it launched. (Well, Tuesday.) I do suspect I'll enjoy the game ultimately but there are a couple of things that pissed me off already.

1. I tried searching online to see what the state of DLC is with this game. Only answer I could see was one site claiming it had none. (Given it's been out in Japan already I figger that was their source.) I checked the online store after bringing it home and there's some DLC. -_- I won't be buying it. Apparently a total of 4 costumes for a couple of the characters for some price tag over 10 bucks. I'm going to presume it was 11.99 (canadian) since buying the 4 separately was 3.99 each I believe.

This is a relatively minor issue I suppose. As I said, I won't be buying it. But it's still a demerit if I go ahead with rating these games.

2. Right after starting the game and just before getting to the main menu screen the PS4 popped up a notice that recording was blocked because the game was entering a "protected scene".

Let that sink in for a second.

The TITLE SCREEN was a protected scene. This leads me to believe that the entire game is probably "protected". (Which means people will go back to recording the game the older ways naturally.)

Again this doesn't affect me much since it's not like I have any intention of streaming or uploading videos of any game any time soon. But it reminded me of Persona 5. And yes this is an Atlus game. And since Sega owns them you can transfer some blame to them as well. "Oh it's our masters in japan that's making us do this!" Blah blah blah, don't care.

There's a second game for this coming out later this summer: Mask of Truth. I may end up getting it as well depending on if I ultimately don't feel let down by this game. However I'm thinking Atlus/Sega will be joining SquareEnix on my ban list for the next few years. The Mask of Truth game may be the only exception I let slip through. We'll see how this game turns out however.

(This last one is more about the state of the video game industry as a whole.)

3. The Launch Edition of this game came with Extras! This is a criticism. Why? Because the Extras include a small sized, thin looking, 50 page art book. Seriously if it was just a -little- bit smaller it would have fit snug inside the case. The second extra was... can you guess? No, not a CD. The music is apparently suppose to be awesome in this game so no way you can expect them to give that away for free. (We'll see if the game oavs are sold separately later.)

No, the second bonus they were so proud of that they had to list it as a bonus on the box, was a "collectors slip case".

A paper (ok, good quality paper at least. Somewhere near bristle board in thickness.) sleeve to hold the game case and the art book. There is no artwork on this slip case. It's mostly black, with the title of the game and the names of some of the companies involved. Namely Atlus itself, and Aquaplus. Near the bottom of the case that blackness fades into a wallpapery diamond pattern.

I checked older games I have that had "collectors slip cases" as part of the collector/limited editions. By comparison, in all of those that I have the artwork on the sleeve was like 100% better. Ie: There WAS some artwork. NONE of them tried tooting the slipcase as being part of the bonuses. Let alone 50% of the bonuses. I guess these day's a publisher is desperate to mention anything and everything to fill up room on the back of the box.

You can see the glorified cardboard displayed here. It's that ugly black thing on the left.

This is how far game packaging has fallen. Where including anything at all counts as a "bonus". I suspect by next gen we'll probably be grateful to receive a plastic case to hold the game in rather than some paper insert.

Yeah, not too happy with the state of physical games these days but publishers don't seem to realize that they're not going to be getting my money for digital-only at these prices. Hell, even at 50% off I'd probably pass on most of these games digitally. There's only been one digital game I've bought at full price at launch - that being the Hatsune Miku Future Tone game. And while I don't mind playing that there are a lot of things about that game that make me regret buying it.

Anyway, I'm probably going to start in on this game by the weekend. I started up Shantae after finishing up with Nier:Automata so I might just go ahead and see if I can complete that first.

Date: 2017-05-24 04:58 pm (UTC)
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Which Shantae game are you playing? I've only ever played Risky's Revenge myself as of yet (haven't even played the original game on GBC). It was pretty cool for a Metroidvania style thing.

I've been kind of waiting for a sale before getting Pirate's Curse or Half-Genie Hero, though. Haven't seen one low enough to tempt me, yet. And given that they're "only" $20 to start with, I guess that's saying something, maybe. >_>;

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