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2015-07-02 10:53 pm
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Graze (7800Basic Game)

For anyone who's interested, you can see the details of the development of my first Atari 7800 game right over here!

I've mentioned it before a few times recently, although it's progressing nicely and currently playable.

You will need either MESS/MAME or Prosystem in order to play it. MESS is included in MAME at this point it seems, and the latest version of Prosystem is linked on the atari age forum.

Prosystem is less accurate (particularly for the colors!) but I find it easier to run. MAME actually crashes/bluescreens my computers.

Anyway, the goal of the game is basically to graze against the enemies that fly on the screen without letting them score a direct hit. Essentially the white dot in the center of the character is what you can't let enemies touch. Your suit charges as you graze, and when it's strong enough it'll let you destroy the next enemy you hit instead of the other way around!

The next thing up will probably be adding powersups. I've got a bunch of ideas for them already, although I've been letting it drag out because I wasn't entirely sure how I wanted the powerups to work (how to obtain them.) Pretty much going to go with the idea that you'll have to destroy the enemy it's attached to at this point, which means you'll need to have some grazing done in advance!
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2015-06-25 12:21 pm

Modern Gaming (I think.)

I -was- going to rant about how the latest Batman game on PC was apparently so poorly put together and released to the point where the devs have actually stopped selling the game on PC until it's been finished. This is apparently their second PR damage control action. I don't know what their first response to PC gamers being pissed off at them, but apparently it just added fuel to the fire - much like how people are now up in arms over the Destiny DLC bullshit and the dev's interview that basically told long term players who had spent 100 dollars on the game that they'd have to buy the 80 dollar collectors edition if they wanted the couple of exclusive DLC items added to it - even though they already owned 75% of the collectors edition. (So it'd be like spending 80 dollars to get "40" dollars of DLC after spending 100 dollars on the game.)

Oh I shouldn't get started on a rant about that. Especially since I have no interest of ever picking up the online only game.

Yeah, I was actually going to talk about Anime conventions and how I'm going to go to one this weekend, but now I don't feel like typing it up after the mini-rant above. (I could say lots more about what I think of it.) Anyway, yeah, I'll be offline for a few days this weekend as I go to one. I'll probably talk about it on here on Sunday or Monday. Only downside of it is probably going to be me not being able to work on my Atari 7800 game over the weekend. It's starting to take shape! Links to the current beta/alpha/whatever of the game are in the first post of the thread. You'll need an emulator to play it. Either Prosystem or MESS will work. MESS will be more accurate with colors/etc. I'm not going to be optimizing the colors for real hardware until I can sit down and play it on real hardware myself.