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Still playing SAO:Hollow Fragment, but took a break for Touhou Double Focus which I bought with the last flash sale on PSN.

The game is one of those many fan/doujin games based on Touhou that are starting to get released on the PS4. This one here has the player controlling Aya and Momiji as they try to navigate and escape a magical book world. Ultimately it's a relatively short Metroidvania type game.

There are a total of 5 bosses - 6 if you include the final form of the last boss as separate, but back down to 5 when you realize the third boss is actually more of a race with a fairy instead of something to beat up.

If you don't know all the controls, this game can have some seriously messed up difficulty. I only played on Normal and there were some places that at first felt like a death trap. One thing you really have to do is observe the enemies you see and get familiar with their AI. Some of the later fairies you'll have to fight are pretty tough to beat due to their ranged attacks, but in most cases it seems if they're not looking at you, you can just walk up behind them and club them with Momiji's sword. Otherwise you'll want to stand back and use Aya's ranged attacks.

I almost rage quit the entire thing on the first boss given the amount of damage it was doing and how little life you start off with. Then I realized, accidentally, that Momiji can block projectiles with a shield.

During the 3rd boss (that race) I found out that Aya's back-dash actually made her invincible for about a second afterwards. (So just turn around and backdash... forward... through a few enemies that were trying to block your way. Much faster than trying to fight them!)

Took a while before I figured out exactly how the Portal system worked - for a while it seemed bugged and kept transporting me to a particular portal. Apparently you have to select the portal you want to go to from the map. But when you place a new portal prior to doing that, it would auto-select that last placed portal. Which worked fine for me for a good long time.

It took a bit over 6 hours to complete on Normal. I'm not sure if that was counting all the retries at the bosses or not. Now that I know where everything is, I could probably go for a full run with much better time. On the plus side with the exception of finding one hidden photo shot (Aya is a reporter with a camera after all!) I can say I found all the items without help from a faq. Some of them quite accidentally - and I won't kid you when I say some of the secrets are damned cheap. Fake walls, fake floors, and for ONE place in the game (At the start of the game no less) there's just one place where there are invisible platforms to reach one of the powerup items that increase your max life.

I'm kind of afraid to try the harder difficulties. I might later on, but for now I think I can call it good. I'm glad I picked this up on on the last flash sale on PSN though all the same. Like Shantae, it was fairly short.

I'd recommend people that play it to save often however. I did have one game crash while playing as I was heading back up to Patchouli. Luckily for me I had saved it only a minute before.

I suppose I'll give a few tips for the bosses. :p

Boss Strategies! )

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