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For those who don't know, OpenIV is a modding kit/system for Grand Theft Auto V. Very popular thing apparently. (I say apparently since I give no shits about the franchise to be honestly.)

Basically Take Two suddenly up and changed gears and C&Ded them after being pro-modding for years.

Yeah, Take Two's official stance is "oh noes, hak0rz online" and they're totally still behind single player modding.

Of course, OpenIV is essentially about single player modding. The hackers in Grand Theft Auto Online are still going to be there.

Personally I expect to see Take Two announce their own Creation Club system for Grand Theft Auto V and VI (Which is also due out relatively soon) similar to Bethesda's recently announced paid-mod program (attempt 2).

They're likely trying to kill off GTAV before VI is released so people will actually attempt to buy VI. Also probably trying to kill off the modding (regardless of what they say) to prevent people from simply backporting any new gameplay announced for VI back into V.

Regardless of their intentions[1] they've managed to royally piss off their fanbase. If you check GTA V's steam page now you'll find the reviews have become Mostly Negative almost overnight.

[1] I still expect to see them attempt a paid-mod program by Christmas if Bethesda's latest attempt doesn't tank like the first one did.

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