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Got their new CD on the day it was released. The song "Flag in the Ground" from the video I linked a couple entries ago is on this CD. As some people have commented, the CD is more like Unia than their earlier CDs. (With the sole song officially available prior to launch being the only song that's actually more like their older stuff.)

My first impressions on the first listen was more "Meh." This means nothing stood out exceptionally to me besides Flag in the Ground and to a lesser extent, Juliet. However the songs do have a tendency to grow on you, in the same way the songs on the Unia album could. (Or did for me at least.)

My current favorite songs on the CD, listed more or less in order of best to "worse" are:

The Dead Skin (Seriously, I've spent 10+ hours listening to it at a time.)
Juliet (Almost as bad. Did listen to it for an entire shift at work.)
Flag in the Ground
The Truth is Out There
The Last Amazing Grays
In My Eyes You're a Giant
Everything Fades to Gray

Those are the ones that have grown on me over the course of a week or two.

I don't particularly mind the others, although they have yet to fully grow. 7 out of 12 (I'm not counting the instrumental version of Everything Fades to Gray) isn't too bad for having the CD for just a couple weeks.
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Here are a couple music videos uploaded by Nuclearblast Europe of their bands. I listen to these bands, although I haven't picked up all the CDs these songs are from yet. I plan on getting the first Sonata Arctica one on the day it's released. I may not be picking up the Nightwish CD since I'm boycotting RIAA labels.

And finally a Blind Guardian to even it out:

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