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Looks like Bethesda is at it again with paid mod systems. I agree with various people in the comments about how any kind of paid mod system is going to just destroy the modding community as a whole.

The current attempt is at least trying to avoid the obvious problems of their Steam workshop attempt of a year or so ago where you immediately had people submitting other people's mods as their own. It's also apparently not going to try to stop free mods from happening - although like any company we can see that stance changing once they get a taste of the money.

But as I was thinking over this, I realized that this is just the next step down that slope of shit the video game industry has been taking for the last decade. The whole idea of cranking out games faster and cheaper with a higher price tag - with massive side effects.

1. Not doing proper QA/Beta testing - why do that when they can have the gamers themselves do the beta testing, or the bulk of it, after the game is released and patch it up (potentially) after the fact.

2. Cutting content, sometimes significant content, out of the game to sell as DLC later on. Sometimes as unlock codes for stuff already done. Other times (And more common now) with the dev teams just explicitly planning on the content to be done after a release date is set.

3. Cutting back on packaging with physical releases - gone are the days of the manual. Nowadays if a manual is included a company will even toot that as SPECIAL BONUS!

... It's early, I don't really feel like listing ALL the shit that's been happening right now, but you can get the idea. Basically games aren't actually sold complete anymore.

But really these paid mod systems are just the latest advancement on these cutbacks on paid labor.

After all, these things are basically nothing more than DLC. DLC the devs no longer have to plan for or write themselves. But they can take a chunk of the price tag for having someone else do it with a minimum of QA done on top.

As time goes on, if it catches on, you can expect games to come out more and more bare bones with the explicit intent that modders will willingly finish the game for shit pay after the companies take their share. (This particular attempt will have Bethesda taking a 30% cut. But as companies continue with this practice you can expect to see that percentage go up and up, bit by bit, until finally modders just stop applying to be slave labor. And then it'll go down a couple percentage points and everyone will thank the publisher gods for their kindhearted gesture to only request 85% of the profits instead of 90. :)
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A Role Playing Game That Makes You Pay For Your Party Members

I've been fuming over DLC ever since it started to be honest. And more so when it became a bit more common. It's now practically a requirement.

It's also more intrusive and in your face. (See link.)

I don't give a damn about what the industry is doing. I don't care if "everybody's doing it". Just because it's become the standard doesn't make it RIGHT.

I have this bought. Limited edition direct from NIS America's shop. If I had known they had done something like this back before having the preorder placed, I would have never bothered.

I also have Ar Tonelico 3 preordered. It's already bought and paid for. I fear seeing them do something like this with that as well. I will be livid if I find out they actually have more DLC for Ar Tonelico 3's NA version compared to the original Japanese release. (By that I mean them cutting more out of the game to serve as DLC)

Regardless, these are the last two games I will be buying from NIS America. And I am...was... a huge fan of a lot of the things they released over the years. Ar Tonelico 3 can be the best thing since sliced bread and it still won't save them from my future shit list.

I don't even have the damned consoles for this generation yet (Getting a Wii later today tho most likely) and I already feel let down. This might be a good thing in the end. It'll help re-affirm my dedication to stop getting the next gen consoles when they arrive. I'm already dead set against the 3DS, and the PSP2 is looking like it won't be going anywhere with my wallet either.


Also, just so we're clear. I was planning on tracking down copies, new if possible, of Trinity Universe, Cross Edge, Atelier Ronona, the upcoming Phantom Brave remake (PSP), and Last Rebellion, but ... well, welcome to the shitlist NIS. I know you won't even notice the string of lost sales over the years, in the same way that Gamestop hasn't noticed the 500-700 dollars per year they lose from gutting their merchandise resulting in me not buying from them, but at least I'll have more money to spend on other things.

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