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Since Fujitaka found another skeleton/zombie spawner combo very close to his new sky home, I spent time trapping it up this weekend instead of working on a tower grinder.

It's now fully stocked and operational. It's out west from Main just north of Korb's cobblestone path in the snow biome. It's somewhere before the netherrack pyramid - I have a small dark wood house made to protect the ladder going down to it.

Use or not, it's there for those who want to use it. I suspect Fuji and Korb will probably get the most use out of it however since the rest of us are closer to the Skelezombie Farm at New Fort.
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On goldP's server we now have an active SkeleZombie farm. Essentially an XP farm that is fed by a skeleton spawner and a zombie spawner. Both spawners have maximum area of effect for spawning and feed into a single mobavator and holding room.

There are three switches.

1. Mobavator Switch - basically opens or closes access to the mobavator. When blocked, the mobs are stuck near their spawners. It prevents them from building up beyond 6 each.

2. Holding Switch - When you're ready to harvest, hit the switch and anything held upstairs will come crashing down - taking them down to near death. After that you throw a splash potion of healing in on them to get them all in one shot.

3. Item Collection Button - The kill box is 2 deep since in multiplayer mobs glitch out too much to reliably fall down a 1x1 hole. Items on the far block can't be reached normally so pressing that button will get them pushed forward.

The entire internal layout is covered with water. As a result there should be no chance of a surprise creeper showing up in the collection plate. The mobs collect, when active, at a rate of about 20-30 per minute.

.. There's almost 200 up there now in the time it took me to write this entry. Although admittedly it was already at 100 when I started. :P

The SkeleZombie farm is at New Fort, for any on the server that want to check it out. It's not far from the Record factory.

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