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I may be buying a PSP game again for the first time in a while. By that I mean an actual UMD physical game. Gaijinworks (successor of Working Designs that went bankrupt years ago) will be releasing a limited edition of Summon Night 5 in UMD form once prior to the digital release this fall.

Those who buy the physical copy, which appears to include game, full color booklet (Wow, those are rare these days.) and soundtrack CD will receive a digital code for PSN for the game as well. Given how long it's been since Sony gave up on the PSP in North America, I find it surprising to have this option at all. The only problem is that the presale is this month only and it might take a bit of budgeting ninjitsu to make sure I have the spare cash out of the next paycheck. If not, oh well I guess. I just hate the thought of how much these things will be going for on amazon after the presale since you know there ARE people lining up to order 10 copies. (As shown in their interest poll over the last few months.)
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Normally they sell for about 40-50 bucks around here locally. So it wasn't that hard for me to decide to buy the last two batteries at Zellers the other day that they were selling for 20 each. One of them was a Stamina battery (2200mAh) while the other was one of the older standard batteries (1800mAh). With this, I can feel a bit more at ease with the PSP. Odds are the PSP itself will die before I run out of functional batteries.... which means I should see about getting a second PSP in the future!

I don't particularly like rechargeables since eventually you know it's going to die. This is one plus I had for the PSP (non-Go variants) since it has an easily replaceable battery. Sony would probably get me on the PS3 train a little easier if they had controllers that had easily replaceable batteries. (As it is, your PS3 controller is fit for the garbage when it's rechargeable battery no longer holds a charge. The instructions given for removal of the battery in the instruction manuals is for the purpose of recycling, not replacement. Essentially you're not likely, or expected, to get the controller back together afterwards.)
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Well, picked up the limited edition copy of this at ebgames today since they had a sealed copy. I'm weak against extras. :P So them having a soundtrack and a few collectors cards included are basically what encouraged me to pick it up.

Now if only they'll stop remaking the first Lunar and do a Lunar: Eternal Blue Harmony. :P

So long as that has a similar limited edition version, I'll pick that one up as well.

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Oct. 22nd, 2008 06:49 am
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And so I now own Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, and Yggdra Union. Hopefully I'll be able to contain myself and avoid further purchases until december when Ar Tonelico 2 is suppose to come out.

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