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Anyone who knows me probably knows how much I hate people tossing the slur "Entitlement" around like cheap candy. These days it's used to try to shut up the other side of an argument you're losing more so than anything else.

However that's something that pops into mind when I read through the comments on Sony's "A Holiday Thank You" blog post where they describe what they're going to do for the people affected by the DDOS attack they suffered over Christmas due to the script kiddies in lizard squad.

Essentially, for anyone who had an active PSN+ membership on Dec 25th, they're going to extend that membership by 5 days at some point this month. I guess they have to actually do the work to make it possible to do that. If your psn+ membership runs out before that happens, you'll get reactivated for 5 days automatically. Nobody has to do anything to get this. It's going to be automatically applied.

Also at some point this month everyone (PSN+ or no) will be given a 1 time discount code of 10% off their entire order in the PSN store.

There are totally reasonable comments left in the blog post. But there are some idiotic ones such as:

"have you no shame?? disgraceful but it’s funny how the masses will praise this useless gesture, one can receive a bigger discount by searching the internet for coupon codes 10% you are a joke Sony. You deserve what you got."

"I was hoping, more or so, that we would get a selection of free games to keep."

"Thank you Lord Sony. Now please, take what you learned from this DDOS and make sure it never happens again."

"That’s real fair. How about us plus member who couldn’t sign up because the network was down. I receive a PS4 for Xmas and can’t do anything for 3 days. However 10% I’d a pretty good deal."


1. The system was down for 3 days. Get over it.

2. Last time it was down, it was because Sony was an idiot and got actually hacked by their buggy code and exploits. This time it was down because a bunch of idiots flooded their bandwidth. There's nothing TO learn this time. You only stop a DDOS by having more bandwidth than the attacker. And when the attacker is using a botnet that's just not going to happen.

3. For those of you who couldn't sign up for 3 days, get over it. You haven't lost a damned thing to begin with. Sony's announcement about the discount code didn't seem to be limited to just those who had an account on Dec 25th either.

Given the system was down for just 3 days, I can't say I was really expecting anything to really happen at all. It would have been great if they extended the Christmas sale a few days that was impacted during the outage but that wasn't even necessary since the system was back up well before the sale ended.

Will I use the 10% discount code? Hard to say. If there's anything I want to buy this month I'll probably make use of it. 10% isn't something that'll make me rush to the store and buy things I normally wouldn't buy, but that doesn't mean I'm going to bitch about it being useless.

(Keep in mind the outage didn't affect me at all. During the entire thing going on I was playing Minecraft on the PC if anything at all, or a couple of offline games on the Vita.)

SD or HD

Jan. 4th, 2014 03:07 pm
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Next rant is with regards to PSN. I've noticed that if you purchase a movie/TV episode off of it, you generally have the option of buying the SD version or HD version. And when both versions are available, you can buy both for the same price as the HD.

Of course, you never know if you're going to actually like the show, etc in question.

I had bought the SD version of episode 1 of Hyperdimension Neptunia to see what it'd be like. I wasn't entirely sure I'd care to watch any more of it or not. In the end it was ok so I was considering getting the HD/SD combos from that point on.

Problem is this. Once you buy one version of an episode or movie, you can NOT buy the other version. Ever. As instead of the "Buy Now" button, you'll get the "Download" button for the version you already bought.

For that series I just bought the rest as SD. :P


Feb. 6th, 2012 09:38 am
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I've been looking over the PSN store yesterday to see what's there - as since I signed up anyway to multiplayer MvC3 with Kane (When it comes down to it, I can't afford to take Sony to court even if I had a legit reason to do so AND I'm the kinda guy that will just boycott all Sony products if they fuck up sufficiently - even their headphones.) ... what was I saying again? Oh right, the PSN.

Given I will never give Sony a credit card number after their security flaws were taken to task last year, the only thing I'll be able to use to buy anything on there is the prepaid cards.

Prepaid cards are fine.

What I don't particularly like is how everything in the store that's more than 49 cents, ends with .99. So unless you're going to make 100 purchases, you'll always have unused money in there. Which sony gets to pocket of course.

Well, I'm going to be limiting myself to how much I purchase on there as per my original plan. Basically spend 50 or so dollars in the prepaid cards to have some games on the system. I would think of these games as "built in" games rather than downloads. I'm planning on making sure those games work without a required internet connection but I hit a snag in the plan.

Final Fight, one of those that did require an internet connection unnecessarily (it's an offline game primarily) does not seem to indicate this in it's description still. Originally it didn't as well, which is what caused such a shitstorm when Sony refused to refund the unhappy customers. I'll need to do a bit more research I guess and ask around.

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