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Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the game a lot. However I've been noticing that this game lacked a proper review of it's translated script with human eyes. Every so often there's an error that's so obvious that it trips you up as you read it. Granted it's easy to understand what they WANTED to say and continue, but still... the major attraction of Ar Tonelico is the conversations and story. It's the last thing you should let slip in quality.

Essentially, it looks like they cut costs by putting all of the text through a spellchecker. Every error that I've seen would not have been caught by a spellchecker, as the words are always spelled right. They just aren't the proper tense, or out of order, or sometimes a word is missing.

I don't recall seeing that happen in the first Ar Tonelico, but it's been a fairly long time since I've seriously played through it as well. It might have been that they were rushing to get this out at the last minute.

Ah well. I still think it's worth picking up for those who enjoy this kind of game. :)
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I'm getting close to finishing .hack//GU I think. I'll try finishing it a little later tonight, assuming the next dungeon is the last/nearlast. Current level is about 140. Been doing a few random dungeons and all that. Going to unlock the remaining lost weapons before heading to The Last Boss.

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