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After that spat of ranting over video games this week, let's unwind with some vocaloid music. :P

Here's a couple of random videos from my current two favorite western vocaloid musicians.

Adys. Most of his music is available either as direct soundcloud links from his various videos, or released on bandcamp through Vocallective Records.

Circus-P. He releases his stuff on bandcamp, and lately started getting it on itunes, etc. This particular song was done by Circus-P and Crusher-P as shown in the video.

I still have to look more at Crusher-P's youtube channel to see more of her own stuff - prior to the song I didn't even know about her. ^_^; But then the same goes for most western vocaloid musicians I guess... I generally find out about new artists via group projects such as this song, or when they're part of a larger group - such as Vocallective Records.

MP3 Player

Jul. 14th, 2014 04:28 am
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I apparently just lost my mp3 player in a cab. :P

There's a tiny tiny chance it's outside the building in the grass, but where it's dark out and it's black, I'm not finding it there til the sun comes up in a couple hours.

The earbuds were found in the cab. I'm willing to assume nothing sneaky's going on here, so assuming they just didn't see it during their search of the cab when I called then it fell out either outside my place, or outside the place of the next customer after me.

Regardless, I'm far more pissed at myself than anything else. I'll see about picking up a replacement on the way to work tomorrow.

This of course just reinforces my hatred for DRMed music's little brother, Watermarked Music. :P You know, where your personal information would be encoded into the music files so people know where it came from if they find it floating about on the net and all that. Nothing on there was DRMed or Watermarked all the same, because I know shit like this can happen. Luckily I keep backups of my bandcamp downloads though. :P


With the sun up, I was able to find it outside after all - in the grass. That would explain why I never heard it fall and why I wasn't able to find it in the dark. (Lots of shadowy stuff etc and it was black.)

Really have to be more careful with this shit though.
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Listening to their new CD right now. Picked it up at HMV on the way to work yesterday. Some ups and downs but overall I think I like the new stuff. I'm sure there are plenty of people will moan about the songs, particularly those that only want them to do the same style stuff they use to do in the 90's, but I find myself in the other group. The group that likes seeing them try new stuff.

Still we'll see how the songs grow on me. They're off to a good start however.
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This caught me by surprise on the way to work yesterday. Rhapsody of Fire released a new CD finally. I think I remember hearing they would release a new CD "soon" a while back, but forgot all about it afterwards. So listening through now. Up to track 5 now and I can't say I've been disappointed by any of the songs yet. I'll update this later today or tomorrow after I've had a day to listen to the songs OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

You know. Standard Procedure.
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I heard a new song on the radio on the way home tonight. It was by Three Days Grace, "Break". It sounded awesome, but alas they're with labels that are on the other side of my boycott line. What to do?

There are many reasons for the boycott. Putting aside the bullshittery the RIAA does that make me hate them I'm damned tired of picking up CDs from those labels because of a song I heard on the radio expecting the CD to be just as awesome - and find that the songs on the radio are the ONLY songs really worth listening to on the entire CD. And then a month or so later even THOSE songs grind on my nerves because YOU HEAR THEM ON THE RADIO ALMOST EVERY FREAKING HOUR FOR A FEW YEARS.

But that's a rant about the radio stations, which I'll save for later.

Back to 3DG, even with the boycott in place, there are a couple of bands that are on the auto-buy list regardless of said boycott. They've proven themselves to me with their past work and so long as the quality stays up there I'm willing to continue buying their CDs.

That auto-buy list has 3 bands on it at this point with the recent scratching off of Stratovarius from the list. (Their last CD was good, but not The Awesome - if they release with a non RIAA label however, I will consider picking their next one up.)

Those 3 bands are:

1. Disturbed
2. Sonata Arctica
3. Blind Guardian

Only Disturbed, so far, releases with a RIAA label.

Here's the catch. When a band gets scratched off the list, they can't get back on it without proving themselves with the next CD. But how can they prove it if they're not on the auto-buy list? They need to prove it with either legal and free mp3s of full songs that I can listen to. (Yeah we know the odds of the RIAA doing THAT.) or the majority of the CD being streamable in full. Meaning full songs can be previewed - NOT just the one or two tracks we're going to hear on the radio. 30 second clips are no good. They're laughable at best given you can't gauge whether the song is any good or not with just that.

And the problem is, Three Days Grace is ONLY streaming one song on their website right now in it's entirety. That song is, predictably enough, "Break" which is on the radio. All of the other tracks can also be previewed sure enough. At least the first 30 seconds of each song. One clip ended just as the first syllable of the lyrics was starting. :P

And so, with no legal means to test the quality of their new CD their CD can remain in the local HMV. I refuse to go hunting down the tracks from more "shady" sources, even if it's quite possible the entire CD can be tracked down on youtube in one form or another. And I absolutely refuse to purchase a CD because I liked a song on the radio ever again. (Got burned with that way too many times in the pre-boycott years when I was buying CDs every payday.)

But the RIAA's loss of my revenue is the game industry's gain. I've been buying so many games these last few years I have at least 15 still factory sealed because I haven't gotten around to playing them yet! :)

*edits and addition*

Mind you, the game purchases have gone down recently as well as the last gen winds down. I haven't dived into the current gen consoles yet due to price and various other issues - which is yet another rant for another day ^_- but that'll probably change by next year if the console prices make one final dip below the magic $200 dollar mark.

To get me on those ships Microsoft has to finally present a sufficiently reliable version of their hardware that doesn't RROD.

Sony has to get Ar Tonelico 3 released in North America on physical discs and drop the price of the PS3 a bit further.


Nintendo has to produce a few more games I'm interested in. There are several, but not quite enough just yet. I had a taste of Mario Kart Wii over the holidays and it was kinda cool. Of course I've liked the Mario Kart series since the SNES.
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Here, have some more music. I'm starting to bookmark some of the bands I like on Sellaband to make it easier for me quickly load up their page to stream some songs now and then. Easier for me to do than it is to log in (or stay logged in) to Sellaband and fiddle around with their jukebox thing.

With all the changes in Sellaband's policies etc since when I first found the site a few years ago, I'm starting to wonder if I still like the (current) concept or not. Eh, for now it's a good source of lesser known bands and still helping them raise money to release a new CD rather than driving the bands into debt with loans with abusive contract terms... so I guess it's still good.
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Got their new CD on the day it was released. The song "Flag in the Ground" from the video I linked a couple entries ago is on this CD. As some people have commented, the CD is more like Unia than their earlier CDs. (With the sole song officially available prior to launch being the only song that's actually more like their older stuff.)

My first impressions on the first listen was more "Meh." This means nothing stood out exceptionally to me besides Flag in the Ground and to a lesser extent, Juliet. However the songs do have a tendency to grow on you, in the same way the songs on the Unia album could. (Or did for me at least.)

My current favorite songs on the CD, listed more or less in order of best to "worse" are:

The Dead Skin (Seriously, I've spent 10+ hours listening to it at a time.)
Juliet (Almost as bad. Did listen to it for an entire shift at work.)
Flag in the Ground
The Truth is Out There
The Last Amazing Grays
In My Eyes You're a Giant
Everything Fades to Gray

Those are the ones that have grown on me over the course of a week or two.

I don't particularly mind the others, although they have yet to fully grow. 7 out of 12 (I'm not counting the instrumental version of Everything Fades to Gray) isn't too bad for having the CD for just a couple weeks.

The Megas

Sep. 18th, 2009 04:06 am
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Since I seem to be on a kick with posting about music bands and whatnot, here's another. The Megas. Their songs basically remix songs from the first and second Mega Man games, adding lyrics and whatnot as well from the perspective of the boss of the level the music comes from. No downloads on their site, but their facebook page has 5 songs streaming on it.

The lyrics of the songs (of all their songs I'm pretty sure) are in the Notes box. Their first CD, Megatainment, is apparently sold out but you can still buy digital downloads if you're into that sorta thing. I'm not, so these are the only songs I'll probably hear by them. But it's still worth a listen as what they've done for the songs is simply amazing.
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Assemblage 23 is an Industrial/Electronica band and the next band for me to infect you all with. :) I've been listening to it over the weekend even tho I don't care too much for streaming. Decades and Binary I particularly like, of the ones on Myspace. This is the guy who also did Maps of Reality, which The Gothicles had done a mix of... sorta. Their song was called "Mix This Song Into Assemblage 23's Maps of Reality". Assemblage 23 decided why not and released a remix of the track, essentially doing exactly what is suggested, thus was born "Mix This Song Into Assemblage 23's Maps of Reality (Assemblage 23 Remix)"

This fall I think I'm going to see about trying to get A23's CDs, but that'll have to wait until September at the earliest.
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Remember that lofty goal I had of downloading 80gigs of free, and legal, music over the internetz in 2008? Well... I haven't really been looking too hard. >.>; It's over 10gigs with the addition of overclocked remix torrents but otherwise I've only really sat down and looked for free music a couple of weekends this year. ^_^;

I recently found Jamendo however. In the last hour I downloaded about a gig of music. I'll continue the downloading and listening after I get home from work. If there's really as much unique content on that site as claimed, there should easily be enough to meet my quota. ^_- And even if not there's still the Audio Archive to help pad things up.
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In less OH MY GOD THE WORLD IS ENDING news, I've been helping taking screenshots of old Atari 7800 games for the Atari Age database. Some of the games are far more interesting than you'd think at first glance, or at least show off some of the 7800's power.

They still should have made use of the pokey chip in cartridges mandatory however. Pokey chips were basically chips that were used in the old atari computers that did various things but also included sound support with 4 channels. So with adding one of those to the cartridge, you'd have a total of 6 channels of sound available to a 7800 game. The 4 channels that are in the pokey, and the 2 channels that are in the 7800 itself. The 2 channels in the 7800 are identical to the sound capabilities of the 2600. Mainly because it's actually using the same hardware. All but 2 7800 games simply used the 2 channels in the console so they rarely sounded much better than a standard 2600 game.

The 7800 still wouldn't have beaten out the NES if it had tho. Atari made way too many other mistakes along the way. But it would have definitely helped the games sound better. X_X


Also, listening to some of the free downloads from Null Device's website. Currently listening through the Footfalls EP, and I find it rocks. Take a listen. Found this by reading Dark Clan's info on CDBaby where it mentions the main guy of Dark Clan was lead guitarist for Null Device up until 2007.
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This band posted a song called Tandy to the sideshow page on The FuMP. Yes. It's about the old line of personal home computers.

At any rate, I then checked out their myspace page to listen to a few more of their songs. There's a chance I'm going to attempt to order their CDs from CDBaby later this summer.

So that makes a total of about 10 CDs I have to buy this summer online. Worm Quartet's 4 cds, Sudden Death's 3 cds, and now 3 cds by The Dark Clan.

There's probably going to be more I'll want to buy as well, but I'll focus on those first.
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(Or: The Customer has the final word. :P)

I thought I mentioned this recently, but looking over my recent entries I fail to see a reference to it... It's possible I only mentioned it on irc I guess.

Anyhow, with my disgust over how music industry handles things (or underhandles things) and how they seem to rip off the bands we love, I've started doing a mild boycott on what CDs I purchase aimed at the worst of the lot, the big 4. It's my money, I'm free to decide what I want to buy, but I'm also free to decide what I don't want to buy.

Essentially it takes the form of this:

1. If malicious code is known to exist on the CD (malicious from my point of view) then the CD will not be bought and I'll do without.

2. If the CD is a two-sided hybrid CD/DVD, then the monstrosity will not be bought and I'll do without. (I bought one of those (Simple Plan) and have regretted the purchase ever after - in fact I'm about to toss it in the garbage now since normal use has ended up damaging it horribly)

3. If the music company is one of the Big 4, it goes unbought unless it's one of the few bands I listen to religiously. Keep in mind there are considerations that can make even me put back a CD of a band I always listen to, as described below. These 4 seem to virtually control the radio airways :P and I'm sick and tired of buying a random CD because I heard a cool song on the radio, and brought it home to find it's the ONLY song on the CD I enjoy. That's one reason for boycotting these guys, but also I've just gotten sick of the fucked up lawsuits that the R.I.A.A. wage "on their behalf".

Yes sir. A lj-cut is probably a good idea right about now. )

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