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I don't always make serious resolutions for new years. Probably for good reason, since they don't usually last. Although admittedly my "stop eating ice cream all the time" resolution worked out pretty good... if you don't count the slushies. <_<

I think this year I'm going to try to do a two pronged attempt. For starters, I'm going to try to make a serious attempt at fixing up my diet. I eat too much crap I don't need, and not enough of the stuff I do need. Sometimes it's not really avoidable - if you're short on change you're going to buy cheap stuff to fill you up and keep you going to payday. But I think what I have to do is actually organize a bit of a meal plan. The main point here is that I have to cut back on the intake. ^_^ (Harder than it sounds, as my willpower is weak in this area compared to my ability to boycott companies that piss me off!)

The other thing I need to work on would be with my game projects and other such things. I've been more or less sticking to Atari 7800 Basic for making Graze, but it's been getting longer between updates so I'll need to refocus my efforts on that. I also want to try to play a lot of 7800 Games and try my hand at reviewing them - which of course will just be me giving my thoughts about them. It'll be a bit more complicated overall as I'm not going to be releasing most of the reviews as I make them. If all goes well then next December I'll have a big ass update/release to make. :D

I want to try to have Graze done by mid-spring. Or at least have it "feature-complete" with just bug crushing left to do. I've got like another 3-4 game ideas I want to do with 7800Basic including RPGs (that the Atari 7800 desperately DESPERATELY needs ^_^), platformers, and something that will probably play like some mutant hybrid between an RPG and that ancient BBS game Legend of the Red Dragon. That is, it'll be a RPG type game that will primarily be menu driven. Primarily. I plan on getting creative with that one but until Graze is complete I'm just going to be writing down ideas for it. I had considered porting and updating Johnathan's OWSF that he wrote for MS-DOS, but that'll depend on whether or not a bankswitching format can be done that will let me page in tile/sprite sets as needed - otherwise there will simply be no way to fit all the needed graphics into the game.
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Now, if this is true then it looks like companies are starting to jump forward in my predicted DLC path, perhaps to the point of jumping over a step or two. Such as the step where they'd have everything on the disc but completely locked out with an unlock code. (But that prediction is more focused on console games - PC games have been like that forever already with their limited-activations DRM)

Normally when a person buys a physical copy of a game, they expect to receive... I dunno, the game. If you buy Metal Gear Solid V on the PC however, you'll instead get a fancy disc containing a 9meg Steam installer. I'm assuming it also includes a game coupon. Apparently inclusion of steam is somewhat common on physical releases these days as it's used as a form of DRM, but this is probably the first time that the disc will not include ANY of the actual game. You'll be expected to download all 28 gigabytes. Apparently you can't even pre-load the game.

Glad I'm not going to be buying anything on Steam soon, as I wouldn't be surprised if the servers are bogged down from all those massive downloads. As it says, supposedly Steam isn't required to actually run the game - you just need it to install it or download patches.
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I'm not sure why they seem to think this is some kind of revolutionary new breakthrough in awesomeness. You unlock DLC by playing the game. Well... not QUITE.

By playing the game, you earn "fight money", which you can then use to buy DLC inside the game - to unlock it. This is their alternative to doing the costly approach of Street Fighter II of days long past, or Street Fighter IV - where you have the original, Super, Arcade, Ultra, or whatever other thousands of disc re-releases.

If you don't want to play the game to unlock the content, then you can purchase "Zenny" money with real money, and use that to purchase DLC in the game instead. Just between us, I don't think it's going to be a secret that you're going to be playing the game 24/7 trying to raise the necessary "fight" money to buy even a single DLC item. If this proves to be true (And someone else will have to verify it for me because I ain't touching the game.) then it shows that they balanced the value of fight money to help frustrate players enough to open their wallets and just pay for the damned things.

This approach lets them avoid having to repackage the base game and omg give out all the new content - minus new DLC - to every player. Lots of money saved, welcome to last generation Capcom where every other game series has already been doing this.

Also, this is Capcom we're talking about here. The masters of on-disc DLC unlocks. Certainly the later crap will be actual DLC, but it won't surprise me in the least to find out a lot of the initial DLC will be on the disc you paid for.

Here's what this deal really seems to be. We've gone from having games that use to have unlockable perks that you'd get from just playing the game to where you're shown all the things they're locking out and then given a choice between spending a third of your waking life trying to unlock shit which may never stop coming, or open your wallet to purchase it so you can actually HAVE a life. There's no way to wait for a Game of the Year edition with all this shit included (Which is what those Super/Turbo/Hyper/Ultra/etc editions tended to be.) because they've flat out said there won't be any. You MUST start at ground zero and work your way up. And the longer you wait, the higher the climb is going to be.

It's, as some have correctly deduced, a way to bring micro-transactions into the game. Like a freaking mobile game.

One of the commenters had this to say to justify Capcom's decision to milk it's user base:
"If you dont wanna pay you dont have to, if they set it up that way and you dont like it, then dont buy/play the game. I for one am glad that you can actually play to unlock DLC without paying, same thing with MKX, never touched the 20 dollar krypt key button and still unlocked all of its goodies. If a sucker is going to spend 20 bucks to unlock, then they are the ones you should be mad at, not the devs who cash in on that sucker."

I can certainly blame Capcom for preying upon people that don't have the time to spend 50hrs a week playing a video game (because hey, they have jobs.) but still want to access to the more yummy content which surprise surprise will be the content that's likely locked up.

Another said:
"This is actually the best thing that has happened to the series. Would you prefer it to be like SF4 with a new entry every couple years for full price with extra DLC out the ass every time that you're completely locked out of unless you fork up the money?"

If THIS is the "Best thing to happen" to the series, it should show you how badly the series was handled before. There's still going to be DLC out the ass - it's just going to be non-stop, continuously piling up and if anyone wants to jump into the game later on down the road, they HAVE to start at ground zero. This is going to cause late comers to the game to open their wallets just so they have a little bit of the content others have.

To recap, this is nothing different than how you unlocked characters in Marvel Vs Capcom 2 on the PS2. Except on that game, yes everything was on the disc (obviously), but there was ONLY in-game money/points for unlocking stuff. So those points were balanced in such a way to make it seem ok. Playing through arcade mode a few times generally was enough to unlock a character. About half an hour of work tops. It's not going to be anywhere near that quick and easy to unlock stuff in SFV - if it was, they'd never sell any of this "Zenny" money.

"so you can unlock everything in the game just by playing it.....you mean like it was in the old days when you had to completely finish a game to get the next bit unlocked ???"

No, it'll probably be closer to you'll have to completely finish a game 10-100 times per new thing you want to add. As I said, if it's going to be easy to unlock shit with fight money, there would be absolutely no point to taking the time and ... money, to write and test the code for a second fake currency that you buy with real money. We'll see how it looks when the game is finally released.

"Micro transactions are nothing new, you're kind of late to the party to be "outraged"."

And this is why you should make sure you rant and rave about things that upset you in this industry WHEN it happens. Because if you adopt a wait and see approach to see if it's going to be as terrible as you expect it to be, then people will start throwing this at you. Like you've lost your right to publicly announce your distaste/rage/whatever. It is never too late to rant at something. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

The whole reason to add "Fight Money" in this game is to derail arguments about the microtransactions since they're now "optional".

And I fully expect, in 2-3 years, like any other game, they'll just drop SFV and announce SFVI and you can all start over from scratch again. Except that all those unlockables, free as they might be if you play away your life to it, will eventually be simply gone when the DLC is taken down in the future. I can start a new game in Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and still unlock everything in the game by playing it. Wouldn't be able to do that with SFV.
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Here's my take on the devs of Witcher 3's new payola scheme.

You can not expand that which is not even done.

What these expansion packs are, are expensive new pre-orders without actually pre-ordering. How so? It's a pretty fair bet that all the people climbing over each other to buy these things are likely now expected to purchase the actual game itself without putting down even a penny towards the final price of the actual base game. I believe in preorders what you paid towards it actually came off the pricetag later yes?

Did they even state what they plan on selling the base game for? Or is everyone just ASSUMING it will be the standard 49.99 or 59.99? What if it ends up being 79.99? They don't have an obligation to sell it at any particular price after all, unless they've explicitly stated what the final price will be. And then they can just cut important parts out of the base, base game, to add to a higher tier of the base game. Yo bro, just tellin' ya this isn't out of the realm of believability with the kinds of things that have happened in the past few years alone.


It does look like it'll be the 49.99/59.99 online at least, for the base base game. The collectors edition doesn't even have a price tag yet but I can't see it costing less than 100. In-store prices are sure to go above the online pricetags either way. They almost always do. Well, the expansion pass tacks on 19.99 anyway to the required pricetag of those who purchased it regardless making their total price in the 69.99/79.99 range as it is.

Also, I did find it funny that there's a 30 day money back guarantee on the expansion pass! Awesome... except that there's still a month or more before you can even buy the base game and see if you want the expansion pass. And I doubt people will get to the DLC content so quickly to be able to make a decision. I wonder if this means that the people buying it now will be SOL come release day in May if they regret purchasing it a week after playing it. (Actually, given the expansions themselves won't be out til much much later this year and next... HA. :p)
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So Microsoft is running that "Free With Gold"(Membership) program up until they release the Xbone later this year. Basically every 2 weeks or so a different game is made "Free" for anyone with a gold membership to download.

This is the second game of that program going up, Assassin's Creed 2. The first was Defense Grid. Before this actually started, or perhaps it was part of the program as well, was Fable 3.

Fable 3 and Defense Grid both had handy download links if you went to them in the store.

When I went to download Assassin's Creed 2... it wasn't there, despite it also saying the game was free. Took me a couple minutes to figure out why there was an option to pay with microsoft points. There was a footnote for the price. Tax isn't included in the free. Meaning you pay it yourself.

Or rather, means I just laugh, shut off my 360 again and go back to playing Minecraft.

Expecting someone to pay the tax like that is laughable if not kinda rude. In my case I'm downloading them -because- they're free. I may never actually play them. Case in point, I got Skyrim downloaded since I got it for free with my 360 holiday bundle. I still haven't actually played that either.

I noticed that the free games so far have all been heavy on the DLC, meaning they're probably hoping/expecting people to go buy all the DLC since they saved so much on the base game.

But here's the thing. If I wanted the games, I'd likely already have them. At best they can only hope that I'll play the freebies, actually enjoy it, and then actually want to buy the DLC. As it is, I don't want the games anywhere near enough to shell out money for it myself. So it's more like they're trying to give me a birthday gift or Christmas gift. You know, where it's free but not exactly something you really wanted in the first place.

Now imagine at your party, you were given a 40 dollar gift for free!

With a bill inside for a couple bucks.
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You know, I keep telling myself I'll write more on here. Anything would do really. But whenever I sit down at the keyboard, all inspiration of rants that might have been boiling inside of me earlier in the day just kinda feel not worth the effort.

While I can't say this is the cause most of the year, right now it's probably a result of the summer heat. My apartment is always about 10 degrees hotter than the outside during the summer thanks in no small part to me being on the leeward side of the building. Most breezes in the summer hit the other side of the building so as a result I rarely EVER get any fresh air circulating in the summer. In the spring and fall it isn't quite so bad but now is the time when I really need it. x_x

I won't be playing much on the 360 or PS4 until the fall as a result of this. I can just see the consoles melting down from the heat. As a result I'll probably be playing either the PS2, Dreamcast, or Torchlight on the PC since I got it from gog.com when it was free last month.

Not sure what I'll play on the dreamcast if I hook it up. I really want to play through Shenmue again, but the console I currently have is one of the units that apparently have trouble playing the game. I think it's the later models that do that...

If I decide on the PS2, it'll probably be Mana Khemia 2. I haven't played that game much so far even tho I loved the first one, mostly because the sound in the game was in high definition or something similar. So if you had a shitty TV the game music/voices sounded horrible. Like they were playing on a poor quality CB radio. (lots of saturation etc I guess.)

I have a new TV now however and it should be good enough quality for that kind of issue, just haven't tested it yet.
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I've been strongly curtailing spending shit since the start of March. Overall it's going quite well for getting me on track for saving cash. (Not quite there, but may be there on Monday.)

That being said, I did buy 5 games last weekend. 3 of them were old original xbox games which I got for a buck each. Ah the joys of liquidation.

The other two I got at 25 dollars each. They were at a weekend market in Nova Scotia when I went visiting for a day with my sister. The two games were Mega Man 64, and Xenosaga II.

I've been trying to find Xenosaga II for the last year or two. The cheapest I saw it locally was 50 bucks or so at Gamezilla. My stance against paying new prices for used product kept me from bothering with it. Pays off in the end I guess. The copy I got is near mint, and from what I remember of the copy at Gamezilla, this is in better condition. I now have all 3 volumes of the game so I may start in on it this summer. My apartment gets hot in the summer so I'm not likely to turn on the PS3 for most of it. It'll overheat quickly I'm sure. So in the summer I'll go back to the PS2, Gamecube, and probably original Xbox. Or something more retro. I dunno. You know, systems that won't melt because the room is above 20C.

I picked up Mega Man 64 since I have precious few N64 games. Actually, this is probably the first one. I do have the console already. My nephew is a big fan of Mega Man now (Yes, probably my fault. ;) so odds are I'll be playing that one when I go visit them on the weekends.

I've been thinking of getting a Wii points card lately in order to download a couple of games from Wiiware/Virtual Console. I still have to hook the Wii up to the internet however before I can do that (And it's one of the biggest reasons why I haven't been too tempted with the cards yet.) I have two ways to connect the wii up. Either using the wi-fi connector thing that plugs into my computer, or by using the usb adaptor that I can plug into the wii, then conect the wii directly to the modem via wire.

The wi-fi adapter is apparently not too reliable by some accounts so I'm not entirely sure if I want to bother with that if I can help it. But I have to buy another cord to go the other route.

My plans for purchases on the Wiiware channel are the same as my original plans. At most I'll be buying 1 or 2 point cards. And whatever I buy out of that is all I'm going to spend on it. Essentially to add some games to the console itself. Basically to customize the system a little. The same is what I'm doing on the PS3. I may get another 20 dollar card for the PS3. From the first one I bought Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10, and the DLC content for Mega Man 9. All that added up to just shy of 20 dollars.

Not sure what else I want from the store. I've done extensive searches over it a few months back and saw damned near nothing that interested me. I refuse to buy DLC for any disc game beyond avatar/theme packs. (I consider those things to be OK.) Only reason I let myself get the DLC pack for megaman 9 is because I bought 9 and 10 as a bundle, which saved me about the cost of the DLC. That being said, there are a couple of digital only games that I might consider getting, but we'll see how it goes. I'm not exactly rushing to hand them my money for these things.
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So I finally bought the game, new, at a price I considered reasonable for it. $19.99.

I consider this the "Almost Finished" version of the game, since although it has both the base game and it's expansion, and 7 DLC components, from what I hear they also added more dlc afterward. I'd have to verify that on PSN - it's possible the extra addon content it mentions are just PS3 themes and wallpapers.

There were no DLC coupons in the case for Dragon Ages, and there's just a single disc. I'm going on the assumption that this means everything is actually on the disc. It's a shame EA didn't have the sense to EXPLICITLY state this on the back of the box. This was the single most deal killing uncertainty for me as I was NOT going to pay 49.99 if the 7 DLC packs were just going to be offered as single use coupons. At 19.99, that's a bit more reasonable to pick up since it'd be like getting the base game for 10 dollars and it's expansion for another 10.

There WAS a DLC coupon inside however. For the blood dragon armor for Mass Effect 2. Since I don't plan on getting Mass Effect 2 I would have probably considered giving this coupon away but it wouldn't do anybody any good. That coupon expired on July 30, 2011.

For anybody in the know (someone who deals with limited edition games etc that routinely insert single-use coupons as part of their "bonuses") do all DLC coupons tend to come with an expiry date? Or is this the black sheep? I can't say I care about this particular expiry dated coupon since as far as I can tell it isn't advertised anywhere on the box. If it was, I'd probably be pissed right now.

I can also see it mentioning registration for EA's services being required for online features. Well, I have no intention of doing that, but I have a feeling this might be why they included the DLC coupon - bait for the unwary. :P
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As planned, I finally got a Wii on Saturday. Took my time hooking it up, but it's up and running now. Just played a bit of Wii Sports to check it out. Seems to be working like a charm.

I still have to get the internet connectivity going, but we'll see how that goes.
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A Role Playing Game That Makes You Pay For Your Party Members

I've been fuming over DLC ever since it started to be honest. And more so when it became a bit more common. It's now practically a requirement.

It's also more intrusive and in your face. (See link.)

I don't give a damn about what the industry is doing. I don't care if "everybody's doing it". Just because it's become the standard doesn't make it RIGHT.

I have this bought. Limited edition direct from NIS America's shop. If I had known they had done something like this back before having the preorder placed, I would have never bothered.

I also have Ar Tonelico 3 preordered. It's already bought and paid for. I fear seeing them do something like this with that as well. I will be livid if I find out they actually have more DLC for Ar Tonelico 3's NA version compared to the original Japanese release. (By that I mean them cutting more out of the game to serve as DLC)

Regardless, these are the last two games I will be buying from NIS America. And I am...was... a huge fan of a lot of the things they released over the years. Ar Tonelico 3 can be the best thing since sliced bread and it still won't save them from my future shit list.

I don't even have the damned consoles for this generation yet (Getting a Wii later today tho most likely) and I already feel let down. This might be a good thing in the end. It'll help re-affirm my dedication to stop getting the next gen consoles when they arrive. I'm already dead set against the 3DS, and the PSP2 is looking like it won't be going anywhere with my wallet either.


Also, just so we're clear. I was planning on tracking down copies, new if possible, of Trinity Universe, Cross Edge, Atelier Ronona, the upcoming Phantom Brave remake (PSP), and Last Rebellion, but ... well, welcome to the shitlist NIS. I know you won't even notice the string of lost sales over the years, in the same way that Gamestop hasn't noticed the 500-700 dollars per year they lose from gutting their merchandise resulting in me not buying from them, but at least I'll have more money to spend on other things.
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Yeah, here's an example of why it takes me so long to get a new computer:

What could he be talking about?! )

Ok, it's not as excessive as the list seems. The large number of NES games are actually a shoebox of games I finally found that were lost for the last year or so. Also the large number of Xbox games on the bottom are actually all on one disc. An arcade compilation that had like 20 games on it.

Even still, that's a lot even for me in one month. The thing is the vast majority of these games cost about 10 or less with few exceptions. Most were also new.

Moar Games

Dec. 30th, 2010 04:37 am
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Boxing Day Week Sales are abundant with cheap games.

Yesterday's additions were used games in the 5 dollar range:

Meta Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (PS2)
Kya: Dark Lineage (PS2)
Virtua Quest (PS2)
Project Eden (PS2)

Tomorrow I plan on picking up a few more cheap used games since one of the pawn shops around town has all their stuff at 50% off this week, and there are a couple games I want to pick up there. In fact one of them was probably a game I sold to them a few years back. ^_-
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Picked up the following today for 10 dollars or less at Wal-mart. :)

Undead Knights (PSP)
Populous (DS)
Kengo Legend of the 9 (360) ($3)
Street Fighter IV (PS3)
Star Ocean The Last Hope International (PS3)
Samurai Showdown Anthology (PS2) (Check yer msgs Rabbi!)

I was going to get a limited edition copy of one of the new Ys games on the PSP as well (not Seven. The other one) but Ebgames/Gamestop gutted both copies they had, as such, they both stayed in the store. Add another 40 dollars to the lost sales for them.)


Oct. 28th, 2010 05:43 am
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This round's giveaways will be in the mail this afternoon. After that give it about two weeks to arrive.

In other news I am going to start saving up for a new computer so I can start playing Minecraft -and- attempt to save some cash to hopefully get one of the current gen consoles after christmas some time. As to which one I'll get, I don't know.

Most of the games I want to play are either cross platform or a PS3 exclusive so that's probably going to be the direction I fall for the first console. Besides Ar Tonelico 3, I'm also going to want to grab a copy of Dynasty Warriors 7 - which currently is going to be a PS3 exclusive. Gamewise I think I have comparable numbers of PS3 and 360 games in my collection so regardless of which I get I'll have plenty of gaming to do.


Oct. 23rd, 2010 02:10 pm
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So like. I went out on a small shopping spree looking for cheap games. I will thusly be adding the following to my backloggery later on when I wake up:

GrimGrimoire (PS2)
Lumines Plus (PS2)
IGPX Immortal Grand Prix (PS2)
Samurai Showdown Anthology (PS2)
Mystic Heroes (GC)
Devil May Cry 4 (360)

There's also a double of Project Gotham Racing (xbox) since it was 3 bucks. >_>

Also I'll be sending out the giveaways at some point this week. Give them a couple weeks to travel through the mail after that since they'll be crossing borders.
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Something I found on youtube since everyone I know is going gaga over the game right now.

I admit I'm a bit gaga over it too, although my computer doesn't seem strong enough to run it well.
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Title stolen from Kane.


It was a place specializing in selling old out of print games without DRM. According to the message on the website, it's "putting this era behind us as new challenges await.".

This essentially means the end of old DRM-free games at low prices.

That's a pity. Especially for me. I've been meaning to get around and purchase some stuff from them for the last few months - always putting it off for other things - and now it's too late.

People who had bought stuff but not yet downloaded them, within a few days the site will be active again for downloading. There is no indication of how long it will be available after that however so I recommend downloading anything you bought asap.

This "era" and "current form" talk on their placeholder page however leads to some discouraging paths the site will run down when it gets back.

1. DRM shop. Meaning the games will be sold with DRM. Maybe not all of them, but certainly it will become an option for publishers - and publishers tend to demand DRM whenever possible. I doubt you'll see many new games added to the site without DRM if this happens.

2. Steam Clone. Meaning it'll run somewhat like how Steam currently works. You buy games and have them tied to your account. Technically still DRM shop, only no exceptions anymore as likely all the old stuff will be added to the DRM of the site for new purchases.

I somehow doubt it's going to return without DRM in one form or another, and I suppose I'll agree with the sentiments I've heard from some people already. If they come back with DRM, is there a reason for them to come back at all?
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Sometime about the start of October I'll be putting up a small list of games I'll be giving away similar to back in the spring. First come, first serve, friends can choose 1 of the games in the list and I'll send it off to them. In return they just have to be sure to post a review of the game once they've had time to play it.

So this is the advanced warning I said I'd give last time around, so that anyone that still hasn't had a chance to post a review can try to take the time to do so. Those that still haven't posted their previous reviews, naturally, won't be able to pick from the new list. (Which of course will include everything that didn't get picked last time plus a couple more that I found doubles of, or just picked up extras of since they were being sold super cheap. >_>)

If anyone has any questions about how this little process works, ask away.


Since I have a few anime and manga things I was going to pawn off to clear room in the apartment, I'll be adding those things to the list as well.
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Every time I see a story about publishers and developers going on about this and showing their entitlement issues, I throw up a little bit inside my mouth.

It's not even worth trying to defend this position of mine against the industry apologists anymore. That doesn't mean I think my position is pointless or wrong. Rather, it's because I know they won't listen to it and continue on with their foaming at the mouth.

I can honestly say at this point that I wouldn't mind seeing another video game crash. And that's rather sad, since I do actually care about the market. I just think at this point we need to clear the board and start fresh - but I suspect most of the gamers out there need to wait until they wake up and notice that they're paying 100-200 dollars for shitty bug ridden partial games with no replay value. We're not quite at that point yet (Or are we? How much does it cost on average to buy all the "optional" DLC for a typical game nowadays?) but rest assured we're moving towards it like the titanic in icy waters.

But I rant.
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The disadvantage of cataloging your video game collection with a site like Backloggery is that it catalogs your video game collection. That is to say it makes it easy, with a single glance, to see how freaking large your collection is becoming.

I find daily solace in that most of the guys on Atari Age have game collections that make mine look tiny. Heck, some of them make Kane's collection look tiny.

But the other problem with this is that the desire to have nice even numbers start to kick in. Right now I'm at 398. The temptation to get two more games is ever so strong. >_>

And that's why I've already technically bought some! But they're with a person through Atari Age so it'll be arriving in the mail later next month. ;)

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