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"I should start a counter on how much money ebgames/gamestop has lost due to their insistance on mangling product and calling it still new. With just these two games alone, that total is now up to $69.98. (49.99 and 19.99) "

Let's add $44.99 to the total.

They had 3-5 or so copies of Persona 3 Portable today. And no copies sealed. Meaning once again they gutted every copy they had to put on the shelf.

They lost another sale.

I think I'll start a counter on my webpage next to the Games Complete list listing all the sales lost to video game stores due to them failing to keep their product intact. I can't just say "gamestop/ebgames" however since a couple other stores in town also do this shit. Gamestop/ebgames is just by far the worst at it.


I now own Persona 3 Portable. I bought it at Wal-Mart for $44.83 - properly sealed.
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As shown on slashdot:

Ubisoft DRM Causing More Problems

I'm starting to wonder if I should keep a list of what games are using this online DRM shit, although it's far too easy to just say to hell with all of it. This time it's Settlers 7.

Want to know what the next gen consoles are probably going to require? :P

Sadly, I can see it happening.

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