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Ok, so it's been about 16hrs after I had the wisdom tooth disassembled and removed.

Behind a cut in case people would rather not read it! )

As a rundown of what I watched yesterday afternoon:

Vandread: 2nd Stage (All 13 episodes)
Tenchi The Movie
Chobits Vol 6
Lost Universe Vol 1-2.

These are mostly DVDs I bought cheaply at walmart years ago for like 6-8 dollars each. Amazing how anime dvds became relatively cheap at most places around town while Walmart was selling these things. :P But as soon as Walmart sold out of them, the prices around town went straight back up to the 30+ range. I suspect at least one store bought up Walmart's DVDs to resell as in particular one store was sold out of a few of these series for like a year or more. Then as soon as walmart was mostly sold out of it, poof! They had stock of it again! (At 35+ per dvd)
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Tomorrow morning (Thursday) I'll be going to the dentist to get my final wisdom tooth yanked. Had the other 3 yanked like a decade ago, various reasons, many involving the lack of $$$ kept me from getting the last one done when I was younger. The tooth at this point is too large to simply be pulled out. I am expecting much pain, even tho I don't really remember any pain at all for the other 3 (unless I tried opening my mouth on the first day after they were removed of course!) so I guess we'll see how it goes. Those other three didn't need to be "disassembled" to be removed tho. :P

Oh well, at least it'll be in the morning so I won't have too much time to panic over it prior to going. I always get apprehensive before going to the dentist and the like, although once I'm there and sitting in the chair I end up being fairly relaxed.

This time I will be more relaxed than usual, as I will be bringing in my mp3 player! :P Just one more day of work this week as a result as I know I won't be going in to work on thursday. If it's as painful as some people tell me it is I'm likely not going to be wanting to move much on Friday either.
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Yep. Overtime week. on average lately it's been almost 10hr shifts. (but not -quite- 10hrs)

Oh well, I'll be needing the extra money since something's screwed up with one of my teeth. I made an appointment on monday to see the dentist, although that isn't til the end of september. Got plenty of money saved for it at this point already, but every bit helps, especially since this money was originally planned for my short vacation in january. Fun times, fun times.

Also, I'm nearing completion of the lua rewrite of my area on Aardwolf. Got one last major lua script to write then I run through the entire thing to do a few tweaks that I know need tweaking, and then it'll be opened to the testers to see if they can make it break. :) Shouldn't be breakable, but I know there will be things I didn't consider. Hopefully it'll be done and ready for testers by saturday morning.

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