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So for the new generation of consoles, Microsoft offed itself from my list with it's new approach on using their gaming console to do everything your TV could already do, play some games, and spy on you. (Yes, yes, I know they're not wording it that way but that's what it feels like to everyone and their 'always on' approach.)

So The Xbone was not going to be added to my collection ever.

Ok, so that left the PS4 and the Wii U.

The PS4 is essentially doing everything the PS3 is doing with the only real change being them charging for multiplayer access. I don't multiplayer as a general rule, so it's not that big a deal. However they currently don't have any games that interest me. When the games start coming, I'll start reconsidering. I would like it to drop in price by 50 bucks or more anyway to be honest.

The Wii U I didn't really plan on getting. Tablet controller is just too 'ugh' for me. Forgetting everything else, I'm sure to just forget to check the tablet's screen while playing anyway. Much the way I'd never think to look down at the vmu's screen on the Dreamcast.

However, then came the E3 reveal for the new games! And for once, I felt interested and excited about Nintendo games for the first time in a long time. Particularly with the Hyrule Warriors and the new Zelda game due out by the end of the year.

However, this kills the Wii U for me again. Basically with the latest firmware update, which you know you'll likely get forced on you if you connect the Wii U to the internet, lacks a refusal button. Once the update is on your system, you must either agree to the changes to the legal agreement between you and Nintendo... or lose access to the 300 dollar console you've paid for, and of course all the 40-70 dollar games you've bought for it. Any attempt to play a game apparently will redirect to the update where you will be expected to agree to the changes.

Regardless of the content of the new EULA, FORCING it on your past customers is simply WRONG. And really any EULA that you must agree to post-purchase should be legally invalid. It's changing the deal after it's been done and sealed.

As a result of this, I'm simply cancelling my plans on Wii U purchases from now on. I'll probably miss the chance to finally play a Zelda game most people were waiting for for the last decade, but I'm cool with that. I still have a lot of things bought over the years to play. If anything I'll simply end up forgetting Nintendo even released it and nothing will have been lost - except the profit Nintendo would have made off of me. As I said, I'm cool with that.

Had they simply done what's normally expected - after all EULA updates, however wrong, are still not uncommon in the console world - and simply added a refusal option, with the ability to continue playing games and the like as it was prior to the update, I wouldn't have even had an issue and likely would simply agree anyway. But. I expect it to be MY choice to accept. And I expect the refusal to agree to NOT BRICK MY SYSTEM.

Let's face it, forcing someone to apply an upgrade is not a wise idea regardless. Nintendo in particular has already had one update on the Wii that ended up bricking unmodified systems. Nintendo still insists that the affected systems must have been modded, but I can't say I believe it. That's simple ass covering being done since otherwise they'd be forced to take full responsibility for it if it ever went to court.

So for the next generation of gaming, for me, it looks like it's all up to Sony. Sony is lucky that I'm willing to treat each of their major divisions as separate entities I guess or they would have been lost to me after the PS2 over the cd root kit scandal done by their music division.
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So yeah, I'm completely unimpressed by the Xbox One. This tosses any remaining hope for Microsoft to sell me on the thing down the gutter. It joins the Wii U, which is completely benign compared to what Microsoft plans on doing.

However, I don't compare two turds and insist on eating the one that looks a little cleaner.

Waiting on Sony's official reveal/promo for the PS4 although everything I've heard about it so far is unimpressive or just as offensive. So I'm not expecting to have my wallet open to the video game industry much longer. "Modern" video game industry that is.

Granted, I want out of this industry already so it's an uphill battle for them to sell me on it to begin with. But that's besides the point. It's their own fault it's an upward battle for them to begin with, given I utterly hate most of the business choices they've made in the later half of this generation.


Feb. 23rd, 2009 12:42 am
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Still working on Ar Tonelico 2 some. The misc stuff and whatnot that aren't required to beat the boss. Getting all the IPD's caught and healed for instance, trying to get as many conversation topics as possible, etc. I know I can't get all the topics with Luca or Cloche without restarting but I did manage to finish off the topics with Mir/Jacqli.

Right now trying to beat that bugged boss, Raki, in the optional fights but... well, that game-freezing bug in the NA release that I have to put up with is a pain. Especially since her attacks otherwise don't hurt me much. I beat her twice already in optional fights at this point. When you beat the Child of Light in Ar Tonelico 1 5 times, she became one of your song magics. It'd be kind of interesting for that to be the case here as well, but I dunno if it will since I haven't bothered reading FAQs for the game. :P

I finished with creating all the various items as well and there should only be like 11 or so more IPDs to catch. Right now they don't seem to be anywhere so I'll just keep fighting regular monsters and doing random synthes until they pop up or something.

Otherwise, I hooked up my genesis and found that it's RF switch seems to have died. Got no picture at all just about but if I plugged in my headphones to it (it's a model 1) then I could hear the music fine. I bought a 3rd party switch today which is better... but still a lot of static on the screen. For this it could be the TV itself rather than the switch. I noticed that most of the consoles I have to plug in this way are fuzzy on the screen so... I might look around for a small 13" tv for these older consoles.

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