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I've been thinking about it for years now, but I think I'm soon going to start trying to build a computer piece by piece. Essentially to make sure I have the hardware I want to have in it. I've got two computers right now, both of which are fairly old, have similar levels of power, but each have their own problems.

For instance, the first computer does quite a bit of the standard stuff I do. Except it crashes Minecraft randomly all the time. Under linux it does it even more spectacularly.

The second computer runs minecraft just fine, at least within it's level of power which... but there's a list of software I prefer to use that will reboot it spontaneously when I try to start the program. (As just one example: Emerald Editor.)

Neither of them are perfect at running games either, although that can vary with the OS being used. The first computer can run Terraria in XP for instance, the second can't.

Anyway, getting back on topic, one of the big problems with me trying to build a computer is that I'm not very savy at computer hardware. Most I've done in hardware upgrades is install a usb expansion card, upgrade ram, and swap harddrives. That's... about it.

Additionally looking over hardware I find myself fairly clueless over the reliabliity of various brands - although there are some brands I'll stay clear of entirely due to past experiences. :p Don't worry about which ones I'm avoiding, suggest what you think is best.

And so, while I'm likely going to spend the rest of the summer at least trying to read up on shit on my own, I'd like anyone reading to give me their opinions on their own preferences keeping in mind the following!

1. Ultimately I may want to dual-boot this thing with Windows 7 (preferably. I don't really care to try Windows 8. :p) and Linux. (Various installations most likely) As a result I'll be making sure hardware suggestions will work under both OSes.

2. It's likely going to be a 64-bit system, as I'm going to want to load up on the ram. I plan on having 8gbs minimum.

3. I'd prefer it to be a system that can run quietly. Suggestions towards this end is a bonus.

4. I'd like a case that's easy to upgrade/exchange parts. One of the two computers I currently have for instance doesn't look very upgrade-friendly for the harddrive. Unless I'm missing something, it looks like I'd have to remove the ram, etc from the motherboard just to get the harddrive out in the case of a failure. I'd like to avoid this kind of thing. :(

Hm, I best repost this to my atari age blog for extra responses given how dead LiveJournal is for me. ^_^;


Mar. 15th, 2011 10:39 am
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The non-functioning external drive that seems to have borked in the fall on Sunday had a lot of stuff on it that I'm going to have to recollect where possible. For instance, it was where I was keeping the Freebie Music Archive I was building up. For those who don't remember, the FMA was an attempt to collect all the free LEGAL music available on the internet. I guess there is technically some gray area in there given I had downloaded the Overclocked-Remix torrents and added those to the list as well. I figure those were fine since the video game industry by and large appears to be in favor of what the site does. Well, they don't attack it like paranoid assholes at any rate.

Anyhow, excluding the several gigabytes that were in that torrent, the last time I checked the folder, it was containing around 5 gigs of music. Music I must recollect if I fail to get that external working again. (I may attempt taking the drive apart as a last resort at some point to regain the material if it is just the connector that's busted.)
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Again. Although these aren't the same as the whining noise I heard for a while a few months back. I'm not entirely sure what to make of it honestly. It's not some constant noise, and it's not loud. I suppose the closest comparison I can think of offhand is that it sounds sort of like a torque wrench. A bit. Might be something not working as well as it use to in the hard drive or something I suppose, as it does seem to be coming from inside the case.

I backed up my project data and stuff that's been modified/updated often since the last backup just in case. If the hard drive DOES go, I have a spare 250gig drive that I haven't even unpacked yet (but it was bought in 2006 so no idea if it'll still work. ^_^;) Worse comes to worse I can format the other 250gig drive that I have in that usb converter enclosure kit. IF and when the 40gig in the comp dies, I'll give Linux another shot. Only reason I didn't stick with it last time was because I couldn't figure out how to get the dsl working until AFTER I had given up. >.> They should really put all internet connection options on the first CD for debian instead of just the most common ones for particular countries. Once they have their net working after all, they can download anything else they may need. >_>

New mouse

Dec. 28th, 2009 01:59 am
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With the last cheapy mouse I bought a year ago already dying on me, I bought a new one today at Future Shop's boxing day sale. I didn't expect the cheapy one I had to last long anyway, and sure enough it didn't disappoint my (lack of) expectations.

The new mouse is a Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3000. It's more intended for laptops and the like I'm sure, but it's working just fine for the desktop here. It's nice to have an optical mouse again given the last one was a trackball. Having it wireless is also a plus given the large number of cords the silly computer already has.

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