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Also, finished Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin today for the game list. Didn't get everything unlocked or done, but I don't hold that as a requirement for The List. (Besides, I still have my savegame where I DO have everything unlocked. ^_-)

So this makes the list total 9 games. .... 6 of them are castlevanias. O.o;;

Not sure what game I'll follow up on the DS/GBA yet, much like not sure what I'll swap in for the PSP now that I finshed the rondo of blood remake. Didn't play much Dynasty Warriors over the last few days - focused on Portrait of Ruin to get it solved in a few days. ^_^; I'll get back to strengthening some of the characters for musou modes starting tomorrow.
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I almost have Order of Ecclesia completed. I'm only missing one glyph so far, and I know where it is. In fact, the damned thing was on the screen when I died last. You basically get this one in battle against a boss, making a total of 4 glyphs that you obtain in this way. Just like some of the regular enemies, the bosses cast it during battle at which point you have to absorb it.

I think I only have 2 quests left for the townsfolk as well. One involves getting my hands on some cashmeresilk (total of 5 - I only have one and no idea where the heck I got it anymore.) and the vampire slaying mission given to me by the mother. (That's the boss that has the last glyph so naturally...!)

After that I'll just have to run back to Dracula and take him down.

I'll probably get that done by the end of the weekend. X_x


Got the remaining glyphs, finished the remaining townsfolk quests, and kicked Dracula's ass. The battle starts off pretty cliche and predictable, but he ends up having a heck of a lot of attacks by the end. I don't know how to avoid them all either but luckily I could avoid them enough to win.

... I don't know how many endings there are in the game. I've seen the bad end, and this end. I'm assuming that this is the Best End since odds are it would be tied to how many glyphs you obtained. (I had 100%)

It's possible there's a less optimum ending if you fail to obtain a particular glyph. There's only one glyph in the game that you have one chance at obtaining - and if you defeat that boss without getting the glyph I haven't seen any other opportunity to obtain it. Don't have the energy to go through the game to test this however. >_>

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