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You know, I've been waiting to play this game for years. I got it from NIS on their preorders. It sat around for most of a year until I got an actual PS3 and HDTV.

Now. I am playing it. But I'm not playing it nearly as much as I played the first two. As in, my entire weekend isn't disappearing into the game. At most it's like an hour or two a week.

And I think I know why.

I waited all these years to play Ar Tonelico Qoga. I didn't wait all these years to play Tales of Ar Ciel.

I'm really not liking the battle system for this game. I hope it's just a matter of having to get use to how to use the controls...


Feb. 23rd, 2009 12:42 am
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Still working on Ar Tonelico 2 some. The misc stuff and whatnot that aren't required to beat the boss. Getting all the IPD's caught and healed for instance, trying to get as many conversation topics as possible, etc. I know I can't get all the topics with Luca or Cloche without restarting but I did manage to finish off the topics with Mir/Jacqli.

Right now trying to beat that bugged boss, Raki, in the optional fights but... well, that game-freezing bug in the NA release that I have to put up with is a pain. Especially since her attacks otherwise don't hurt me much. I beat her twice already in optional fights at this point. When you beat the Child of Light in Ar Tonelico 1 5 times, she became one of your song magics. It'd be kind of interesting for that to be the case here as well, but I dunno if it will since I haven't bothered reading FAQs for the game. :P

I finished with creating all the various items as well and there should only be like 11 or so more IPDs to catch. Right now they don't seem to be anywhere so I'll just keep fighting regular monsters and doing random synthes until they pop up or something.

Otherwise, I hooked up my genesis and found that it's RF switch seems to have died. Got no picture at all just about but if I plugged in my headphones to it (it's a model 1) then I could hear the music fine. I bought a 3rd party switch today which is better... but still a lot of static on the screen. For this it could be the TV itself rather than the switch. I noticed that most of the consoles I have to plug in this way are fuzzy on the screen so... I might look around for a small 13" tv for these older consoles.

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