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I just had a laugh for myself when I was reading Kotaku (Something I rarely ever do because I hate their god awful page layout.) when they were talking about Amiibos.

Anyway, he was going on about facts and all this about them that were mentioned in the video he linked. But at the end he decided to speak for himself, and in my opinion he took the opportunity to stick his foot in.

"I am not an Amiibo collector myself, which is odd considering I collect just about everything else under the sun. I think it’s because I’ve been spoiled by games like Disney Infinity and Skylanders, where the toys become actual playable characters in a game designed for them rather than functioning as glorified DLC codes."

I'm not arguing that Amiibos aren't anything more special than glorified DLC codes. That's exactly what they are. I do like having the figurines though. Some of them are quite well done.

But! There's a very old type of DLC that he's apparently not aware of. Extra Character Unlocks.

So instead of having figurines that add extra things to the game - while having all the characters essentially included - you have figurines that you must buy if you want to utilize the character at all in the game. And if you want a full cast, you better empty your wallet.

Sorry, but I think if I go with any figurine collecting, I'll stick with Amiibos. (Although I must admit there are a couple of Disney figurines I wouldn't mind buying - although that's simply because I like the characters. I have zero interest in actually buying Disney Infinity. If I see a starter kit for Disney 3 being liquidated for 20 bucks or less, I may pick it up. But other than that... yeah, no real interest in playing the game.)

In another article on Kotaku, they mentioned that Disney Infinity 3 decided to rip off of Splatoon by making their own 4 player paint war mini-game to include with it. Yeah, I'd agree that paint wars aren't really something you should assume only one person will ever think up and implement but it's kinda telling what they were going for when the object of the game is to paint as much of the battlefield in your color as you can before time runs out (The goal in Splatoon) and they called the minigame Squid Wars. There are no actual squids in the mini-game.
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I started collecting Amiibo's for the Wii U. A system I don't own. I'll add "yet" to that statement, since there's still a chance I might go for it. Their last brick-o-update BS axed my original plans to buy one ... essentially today.

So the Wii U purchase is still on hold, but since Amiibo's are apparently a hot item that singlehandedly saved Nintendo's finances last quarter (I'm sure the various game releases did a lot for that as well, but they've sold 5.7 million of these stupid little things in the last few months.). And Nintendo is doing with them what they usually do with a hot item - totally fuck up their supply and demand.

Lots of the Amiibos are out of stock, many were limited editions selling exclusively from a particular retailer. And because they only cost 12.99 (13.99 in Canada) Scalpers have taken to the streets in full force.

You have people going into stores and buying up the rarer amiibos to resell on epay or amazon for anywhere from 30-50 dollars. (For a 12.99 item.)

That's kind of why I'm bothering to collect these things in advance, since I'll likely just not get a chance to get them later on. If Nintendo fucks up my opinion of them between now and when I decide to get a Wii U, I'll finally axe the plan and likely resell these amiibos I do collect. They're staying in their packaging for now until I have a Wii U at any rate.

Currently I have: Bowser, Mario, Peach, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Sheik, and Toon Link.

The last two have been harder to find. Yoshi seems to be getting rarer, Bowser and Donkey Kong are similar. Apparently a new supply of Rosalina was released at the start of the month - it's exclusive to Target. Where Target is pulling out of Canada they lost the exclusive deal for up here and multiple stores are carrying it, or can carry it. I've yet to see any locally though. Whether that's because of scalpers or if they just aren't released yet I dunno. I have to pass by various stores daily anyway so I'll just take a quick run in to see if they get any.

If not, no big loss. I'm not expecting nor planning on getting a full set of these things. At 13.99 though, picking up the odd one is fairly easy to do. All I know is that I'm NOT going to be buying one from a scalper trying to charge me 30 bucks for the silly 2-3 inch figurines.

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