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Just another random vocaloid song by AdyS. :D

Started off kinda Eh-ish to me to be honest, but I started to get into it once the main lyrics started. He should be releasing a new album fairly soon featuring mostly Cyber Diva, the vocaloid used in this song. I'd have to say she is fairly clear and easy to understand most of the time - far easier than Sonika for instance, which he uses a lot as well. (But then again I still like Sonika anyway. :P)
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After that spat of ranting over video games this week, let's unwind with some vocaloid music. :P

Here's a couple of random videos from my current two favorite western vocaloid musicians.

Adys. Most of his music is available either as direct soundcloud links from his various videos, or released on bandcamp through Vocallective Records.

Circus-P. He releases his stuff on bandcamp, and lately started getting it on itunes, etc. This particular song was done by Circus-P and Crusher-P as shown in the video.

I still have to look more at Crusher-P's youtube channel to see more of her own stuff - prior to the song I didn't even know about her. ^_^; But then the same goes for most western vocaloid musicians I guess... I generally find out about new artists via group projects such as this song, or when they're part of a larger group - such as Vocallective Records.

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