May. 15th, 2017

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I was worried earlier this week when I "accidentally" completed it. Seemed way too short, and if it was true then it meant I apparently missed a hell of a lot of things.

But apparently this is just how the game rolls. It likes to flash the end credits now and then. With each playthrough the story continues, either by revisiting the same events from a different character's perspective, or continuing from where the last one left off.

First story mode was with 2B. Second story redid the same events but from the perspective of 9S, the tracer that helps 2B. So you had "endings" A and B by the time you finished them. And if you did what I did, you'd also have ending "G" which was kinda funny if silly. Currently going through stories C and D concurrently it seems. After a bit of start up with 2B the characters you control are A2 or 9S. Apparently you do one at a time. I chose A2 first since it's a new character. I have to say 9S's hacking skillz end up sorely missed at times.

The game seems to be an Action Adventure RPG with bullet hell sequences... Mash one part dragon's dogma with one part final fantasy and one part gradius for good measure. You can probably add a bit of Zelda in there if you consider the pods annoying talkative helper fairies.

I will NOT be buying the DLC for the game however. I've found some locked doors leading to something thus far unused. Complete with helpful bots standing guard declaring nothing at all is behind the locked doors! I better not find out those are in-game advertisements for the DLC as I think there were some levels included with that. It'd definitely drag down the overall score I give this thing, if I ever officially try to write up a real review.

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