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It's been hot these last few days, so never really got around to playing anything for game night Saturday. I'm still playing the SAO game and enjoying it somewhat. Finally figured out how to change targets in a fight... Given I'm now on floor 82 (from 76 being the start of the game) that's rather surprising. Most/all bosses seem to have secondary parts you can destroy to seal abilities/defenses. But if you don't know how to change targets, that becomes pretty difficult to do without area-of-effect skills.

Before I move on any further with the floors I think I'm going to try to finish up the hollow quest. Apparently you have to finish it up before floor 84 or something? I also plan on doing some item running to get Cracked Gems and Rare Mushrooms (And perhaps a couple other items) and max out my supply of them (198 each). Those particular items are used as optional materials in weapon forging to give the resulting item a percent chance of having a Drop Rate bonus modifier.

Otherwise I spent this weekend trying to watch some more anime that I have on dvd/bluray. In particular I randomly picked Haganai Next out of the To Watch Pile, as well as the Azumanga Daioh dvds I got at Animaritime.

Azumanga is kinda painful to watch for me. X.x It's not that the type of show isn't for me - I have nothing against, and have watched a few, anime that have pretty much no plot and are just about the everyday school life of highschool girls/etc. However! The way they drag jokes out, etc, are painful. It seems fairly clear they're doing that simply to skimp on the animation budget. I have eps 1-9 watched already. I'll probably try to watch at least one more dvd tonight, but I might get distracted by picking out another random title from my To Watch Pile.

Either that or I might look into this Castlevania anime/animation that was added to Netflix very recently.

Next week I'll start in on the game nights again. Not sure what I'll play, since I'm still otherwise doing SAO during the week. I might take a look at what I have on my PS3.

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