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No surprise, this weekend's game night was again SAO.

I've gotten use to the battle system enough at this point, although I'm still clumsy and slow to update my skill palette (basically the skills you set up for fast execution) I'm not entirely sure how to get skill points yet but I guess I can look into the tutorials again.

For the main world, I only advanced a little bit - going up to floor 78. I've found the boss so I can go after it any time I want but I decided to go leveling up characters by adventuring into the Hollow Fragment.

They like to pass off "Hey if you don't want to you can just ignore the hollow fragment. It's totally unrelated to the main story." but really if you want efficient leveling or equipment - you're going there. And that was the bulk of my exploration this week. I'd pick random characters to group with and then I'd head in there to level them up. Main character or not, if they'd group with me I'd bring them in to get their level up to about 90-95.

I noticed one of the main characters only had level 60 so I brought them in to the hollowed fragment. Keeping in mind my character is level 110, I quickly got them up to level 95 or so within a couple hours. During all that time I only got maybe 2 levels myself.

I believe I mentioned this game is also part "dating sim" in that you can build relationships with the other characters. I noticed this also extends to the side characters that aren't really intended to have any real effect on the story. Of course, they don't have anything special done up for them - admittedly it would have meant a hell of a lot of work to add anime animations for every (n)pc in the game outside of those who were main characters in the anime/manga, but still.

Note that the "dating sim" side of the game is fairly weak and bland. I'm assuming it has an effect on the final ending you receive like in other games where they try to do things like this but I won't know that until I get to the top of the tower I suppose.

Oh, I also had my first sword forged in the game this week. When I realized the extra components you could toss into the forging process for extra stat boosts weren't limited to just one at a time I essentially handed over every ingredient that qualified. :D

The resulting sword is stronger than anything I've found or enhanced myself so far and while I tossed a lot of ingredients in, it wasn't anything near the maximum possible. Going to have to raise some cash and resources to get another sword crafted this week I think since my character is primarily a dual-sword user.
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