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The idiocy numbs the mind.

To clarify, I actually approve of the change from greenlight to steam direct. Greenlight is gamed far too easily by bots or by just making sure you have a highly popular youtuber with millions of subscribers to back your game.

The idiocy I'm referring to is the commenters and how you have about 200+ comments all saying the same uninformed thing, repeatedly. It's a shining example that NOBODY READS THE EXISTING COMMENTS before standing on a soap box and repeating the exact same shit.

ie: This won't solve anything, greenlight cost 100 dollars already! (About 100-150 of the comments in one version or another)

Remaining ones are "Now it will be 100 per game, not 100 per developer."

Apparently a lot of people don't seem to understand the people abusing greenlight to get shit on steam just to milk card drops to make money weren't releasing 1 or 2 games. They were likely releasing 100-200 games or more. All under the same developer fee. So divide $100 by 100 or so and you get these guys spending a buck to get a shit game on steam without needing to worry about getting it voted on by real people since they had their bot armies to do the voting for free.

Voting may be going away, but there won't be any way for abusers to divide the costs of getting each individual game on steam since the cost will now scale. Add to this that Valve is going to be constantly tinkering with the metrics to make it harder for these fake games to get cards to drop at all.

Date: 2017-06-05 06:02 am (UTC)
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This is why I stopped reading comments on sites like PC Gamer. Hell, this is partly why I stopped reading sites like PC Gamer at all, period, except on the rare occasion I'm linked to them like this, because it got to the point where these sites seemed to cater more and more to the growing multitude of idiots in the comments, rather than just doing their own thing, which has been a problem for a long-ass time.

I had a whole lot more I was going to say, about the topic of Steam Direct in particular, but I just deleted it all about halfway through, because I just don't have the stamina for it right now. The gist: I agree with you that the change is a good idea, and that Greenlight, in actual practice, is a shitshow.

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