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I went ahead and picked this up with the PSN sale this week. For some reason I was expecting 4 games so I was calculating in my head "18 odd dollars divided by 4.. hm. about 4.50 per game."

Ended up being 6 games total, as there were two Rescue Ranger games and two Ducktales games.

The alternative to playing these games for me would have been tracking down the original NES carts. Which would have cost these days anywhere from 50 to 300 dollars each I'm sure. 9_9

So at about 3 bucks each, I think it was worth it.

However this now brings me to the question of if I'm going to march forward with Utawarerumono tomorrow, or instead try to go through the Afternoon Collection. Right now I think I'm likely to switch it up to the collection, if only because Utawarerumono is a half-game that will end in a cliffhanger that won't be resolvable until later this summer when the Mask of Truth is released.

So putting off starting the game makes a bit of sense if I want to avoid an extensive wait between games. It's the same kinda deal that I faced with the old .hack games. I wasn't affected too much by the original .hack games since I think all 4 parts were out by the time I started collecting them - but had to get Kane to track me down a copy of mutation (vol 3) before I could completely finish it. In .hack//gu though, was annoying having to wait for each segment of the game to be released and obtained.

On a separate note though, by July the heat is going to be unbearable here like it is every year. I may end up putting the PS3 and PS4 to the side for a couple months and focus on older consoles (ps2 and down) simply because those are less likely to melt on me in the 30-40C heat.

On an barely related note, I saw some copies of the original .hack series at a pawnshop here in town. Each going for 50-80 bucks. x.x Given the games were like 30-40 when they were new... glad I picked them up when I did! (Kinda like Xenoblades on the Wii. Got it for 30 bucks, but you can check amazon for current prices!)

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