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Apr. 22nd, 2017 05:23 pm
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So I mentioned in comments on Kane's journal that I would be boycotting Persona 5 over their anti-streamer stance. I'm pretty sure 100% of the blame for the restrictions can be rested solely on the shoulders of the original Japanese devs/publishers mind you (Atlas apparently doesn't do this for any of their other games to date iirc.) but that's besides the point.

I was wondering how ironclad my decision was, as it's not like I have any plans on doing any streaming of the game. I've seen the game in stores already and didn't have the urge to buy it.

Then yesterday as I was going around I saw a more attractive physical edition copy. One of those metallic cases that some games end up receiving. I'm generally pretty weak with resisting them unless they cost twice as much (Final Fantasy XV) or are for a series I have -absolutely- no interest in (Most FPSers - that being said I DID buy Doom 3 on the original xbox purely because of the case. ;)

I had the money to buy Persona 5. The case was making me consider it. It all came down to what I felt about Atlus being dicks to the fans. (Sorry, but sticking your nose into a lost cause with the streaming guidelines/threats is very dickish.)

And so I still don't own Persona 5.

Let me state indisputably: The streaming limitations Atlas put forth has cost them an early, full price (79.99 in my case) sale.

I own just about every other game in the Persona series in one form or another, despite only really playing Persona 3 through completely. There's no reason for anyone to say "Oh you'd never have gotten this anyway!"

Will Atlus ever notice this? No, of course not. But with any boycotting decision I put on myself, the point is that *I* notice it. And I notice I have 80 dollars + tax to spend on other things. And I will get along just fine without experiencing the game.

IF I ever pick up Persona 5, it will probably be a digital only copy that's been in a flash sale for 10 dollars. Or a used physical copy that's under 20. I may not change my mind on this at this point even if Atlus does a 180 on their guidelines. But due to this, I may never buy another Atlus game unless I see them explicitly state that they won't be going after streamers/reviewers/etc that don't follow a strict set of rules.

Thanks Atlus.

Date: 2017-04-22 10:45 pm (UTC)
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Some info and perspective on Atlus.

According to Wikipedia: "Atlus was founded in April 1986, and existed until it was dissolved in October 2010 by Index Holdings (later Index Corporation). After the dissolution, the name Atlus continued as a brand used by Index on video games until 2013. Atlus, in its current incarnation, was founded as Sega Dream Corporation in September 2013, a new shell corporation established by Sega. In November 2013, Sega Dream was renamed Index Corporation, following the bankruptcy of the original Index Corporation. In April 2014, the contents and solution businesses of Index were spun off as a new company called Index Corporation, while the rest of Index Corporation (formerly Sega Dream) was renamed Atlus."

So really, true Atlus hasn't even existed for at least seven years now, and Persona 4 was the last game they made before they got bought by Sega (but after the original company was dissolved by the parent). I guess it didn't take long for the wheels to fall off after that.

In other words:

Modern Atlus : Pre-Sega Atlus :: Modern Maxis/BioWare/etc. : Pre-EA Maxis/BioWare/etc.

And yeah, as I also said in my own post, if I ever finally get around to getting a PS4 at some point in the far-flung, nebulous future, I'll probably still eventually get Persona 5 as well, but it won't be (and never would have been) at full price. I mean, Persona 5 could be the best video game ever made, but anti-gamer bullshit isn't going to make me hyped to buy it, no matter how good it may be.

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