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Last week I found out, like most people I guess, that HMV was shutting down across Canada. Out of money and all that. Sadly, this is a store I've been putting money in almost every week as I was buying up anime dvd/bluray combos, and random movies etc. So I'm kinda saddened by the news. After they're gone about the only source of anime dvds I'm going to have access to will be online places like Amazon.

I've been planning on ordering from Amazon anyway for a while for some older shows, so I guess this is going to jump start a monthly order kinda thing.

Anyway, with the liquidation of HMV underway it's time to circle it as we wait to bite. <_< I've already picked up 4 anime series that I was thinking on and off about getting but kept putting off. Can't really put it off anymore after all! A lot of the CDs are already gone since they're at 20% off. (DVDs/Blurays are at 10%) I'll probably dig around there more tomorrow to see what else there is to have. Not expecting much out of the cds, for what's left, but I'll take a look through the movies, tv shows, etc as well.
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