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I've officially stepped up to the current generation.

Xbox line is dead to me as I've said many times before, so the only viable option was the PS4.

I may or may not attempt to obtain a Wii U, but from the looks of it I'll need to find one second hand. They're drying up all over the place. We'll see how that goes later this month. I may just give up on the Wii U - if I do it'll be the first Nintendo Console I'll have passed on completely.

The Switch isn't likely going to fair much better with me, but I'll leave final impressions for that after they're out and we see what kinds of games hit it.

Anyway, for the PS4. Yeah, ended up picking up a Slim model this week since the Uncharted bundle is 50 dollars off. Honestly I would have preferred to get a Pro system, but the price difference between the two models is about 200 bucks, give or take. I'll probably get one next year or so, but the Slim will tide me over until then.

However I'm doing something new this time. (Trying to do anyway!)

I'm going to try to make sure I actually play anything I buy. Rather than buy something (Admittedly on a sale normally) and then never touch it. This is actually going to mean less money for Sony overall. :P But I'm fine with that.

Currently I have Mighty No. 9, Touhou Rondo Bullet, and the Uncharted game that came with the bundle. So we'll keep it at that going forward. Maximum of 3 games "open". If the game can be completed, it'll have to be completed sufficiently to be considered "closed". If it's one that can just be played endlessly I'll just have to play it enough to feel like I got my money's worth (while obtained a certain level of skill at it, where applicable!)

For Mighty No. 9, it's pretty obvious I just need to complete it. For the Touhou game, I guess I'll have to complete all story modes. Already have Reimu's path done. Marisa is next. Uncharted isn't really my type of game, but I'll attempt completing it all the same. Might actually end up liking it, who knows.

Reason I plunked down the cash though is because I found out that the next Project Diva game will be released (digitally only) on the PS4 on January 10th. Yeah, boycott of sega and all that. They already caused me to pass on the Project Mirai game on the 3DS, and I've avoided any and all DLC purchases on Project Diva X on the Vita (not going to touch that game on the PS4) as well as I can confirm I've picked up - then put down - at least 3 Sega games in between them. IE: Games I was going to purchase - until I saw who published/developed it. So yeah, they're losing cash, not that they notice it.

I played this upcoming project diva game already last summer though, so I know I want it. While most of it's rehash of the previous games, they're done in HD and higher quality modules. Someone had brought in their PS4 to the Animaritime convention during the summer - where they have a japanese account set up and games purchased from the japanese store. That's how I got a chance to play it.

I'm not going to say 100% that I won't buy any DLC for that game. The thing is I'll have to buy a 50 dollar card and 20 dollar card (or 3 20 dollar cards.. that's more work though.) in order to buy Project Diva Future Tone/Colorful Tone. It's a bundle of 2 games. Juuuust over 50 dollars. How convenient. I'll see what they decide to have as DLC - I might use the excess on some of it, or I'll hold on it until the next purchase, which will probably be Touhou Scarlet Curiousity. Another fanmade touhou game on the ps4 - an rpg by the looks of it.

Date: 2016-12-30 05:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kane-magus.livejournal.com
Between Final Fantasy XV, The Last Guardian, and Persona 5, I'm pretty sure I will eventually break down and get a PS4 myself, too. It'll still be a while, though, likely nearer to the tail end of its life cycle when it'll (hopefully) be dirt cheap, comparatively speaking.

As for Wii U, I'll almost assuredly end up bypassing that one entirely, since there really wasn't anything released for it that I cared about. I'll probably just end up getting a NX or Switch or whatever the fuck they're calling it now (shows how much I care, I guess), mainly for Breath of the Wild.

Aside from that little bit, I just haven't been able to bring myself to give much of a shit at all about the current (and previous, I guess, given that the Switch will already be replacing the Wii U soon) generation of video game consoles.

Date: 2016-12-31 10:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] owsf2000.livejournal.com
I dunno if I'll get Persona 5 (I still haven't actually put Persona 4 in the ps2 yet!) but I picked up Final Fantasy XV on the way to work yesterday - it was 30 dollars off this week at ebgames/gamestop. Since it was properly factory sealed, I decided to get that one now despite my above stated goal of staying at 3 games uncomplete.

I may pick up Last Guardian at some point to see what the fuss is about. Goldp's been playing that himself and is currently on FFXV.

I'm going through the touhou game, doing the storymodes one at a time. Whether or not I buy any of the dlc for it is currently up in the air. (total of 12 dollars I think. 3.99 per character/story. I might just pick up one depending on how the the rest goes.

With the physical copy of Mighty No 9, the included DLC coupon gave 2 DLC items, plus the digital copy of the PS4 game. And where the game is one of the ps3/ps4 crossbuy's, I got the PS3 version as well. I think it also gives the vita version, but less certain how it's going to work. I'll find out later.

As a side note, I noticed Pier Solar was also a crossbuy, so downloading that one now to the ps4 as well.

I don't know how cheap it'll get, but at the very least keep an eye open for it at the obvious sale times. Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and Boxing Week.

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